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The 17-Day Diet: 17 Days to Disaster with Another “Cookie Cutter”

The “17-Day Diet” is definitely a cyber brush fire and there is some sound medical science behind it. However, limiting one’s self to a near starvation diet of 1,200 calories for initial fast results is a form of self abuse. It is a monumental task requiring a strong support system or social isolation. There could […]

Weight Loss: with all the Hoopla about Hoodia, Phentermine, Low Carb, Fat Loss Supplements and Fad Diets, it’s Time to Think Thin!

For many of us, what we eat and how we eat it is a major component of the fulfillment of social customs and/or religious rituals or both. The meal is the centerpiece of hospitality and celebration. However, like everything else that exists, even all permissible fare can be for evil as well as for good.

The Foundation of Good Health: The Scorpion and the Turtle

Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s the nature of the beast?” Ever wonder why we cause ourselves harm because we over-endulge in pleasure? The parable of the scorpion and the turtle offers some startling insight.