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The Shadow’s Duality

Would you like to know whether you have a certain look you want to project? Check out your shadow. Like everything else, the shadow has two opposing functions. One, to protect us from the heat of the sun; and two, to provide an area of darkness to conceal one’s shameful activities. When we use it for protection we call it shade. When we use it for concealment we call it “shadow.” However, to be sure, when the sun is directly above us there is no shadow and everything is exposed. Likewise, there are no secrets in this world and no private thoughts because the Infinite Light of G-d is always directly above us with no shadows to conceal the dark forces.


The 17-Day Diet: 17 Days to Disaster with Another “Cookie Cutter”

The “17-Day Diet” is definitely a cyber brush fire and there is some sound medical science behind it. However, limiting one’s self to a near starvation diet of 1,200 calories for initial fast results is a form of self abuse. It is a monumental task requiring a strong support system or social isolation. There could […]

New Age Buzz-words in Health, Healing and Wellness: What do they mean to you?

Of all the popular “new age” search terms in the health and healing category, my personal favorite is holistic healing. This term, it seems, embodies all of the others, like spiritual healing, soul healing, healing meditation, chakra, energy healing, spiritual journey and metaphysics. Some of these terms are specific methodologies like Chakra and guided meditation, while others are just general expressions of adopting a way of thinking beyond the realm of materialism.

Circular Motion: The Metaphysical Nature of Space and Time

The circle is the foundation of all existence. If we walk long enough in a “straight line” we always come back to where we started. The Universe and all of its parts are spherical and all planets, suns and galaxies move in circular or elliptical orbits. The circle has no beginning and no end. Therein in lies the mystery of the origin of the Universe; since the circle has no beginning, when and how did it begin?

It’s Howdy Doody Time!

When I was a kid in the 50’s, my favorite TV show was “Howdy Doody”. The cast of characters was a speech making puppet named Howdy Doody, Buffalo Bob the cowboy cheerleader, Clarabelle the mute clown with a honker horn and the peanut gallery. It’s just like modern day politics. Every time the U.S. and its allies speak about Hamas as participants in the political process and condemn Israel for defending herself, I fell like I’m going insane. But it must be alright, because Howdy Doody says that everything is as it should be, the buffalo man is prompting us members of the peanut gallery for agreement and the dumb clown just gave us two blasts on his honker horn.

Post Traumatic Stress and the Nursing Diagnosis; Part 2.

The nursing diagnosis is a part of health care that almost eveyrone over looks. However, given that registered nurses are empowered to “diagnoses human respnses to existing and potential health problems, this is a useful tool to all who wish to avail themselves of it. Find out how it works in this two-part series.

Post Traumatic Stress and the Nursing Diagnosis; Part 1.

The nursing diagnosis is a part of health care that almost eveyrone over looks. However, given that registered nurses are empowered to “diagnoses human respnses to existing and potential health problems, this is a useful tool to all who wish to avail themselves of it. Find out how it works in this two-part series.

Fuzzy Logic versus Dichotomy

In medicine “fuzzy logic” rules. This is a world in which black and white is just theory and reality is multiple shades of grey, with guesswork based on past experience and unpredictable outcomes. The political leaders of our society work the same way. They make decisions based the fuzzy logic of probable outcomes and hope that their approval ratings won’t tank.

The Foundation of Good Health: The Scorpion and the Turtle

Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s the nature of the beast?” Ever wonder why we cause ourselves harm because we over-endulge in pleasure? The parable of the scorpion and the turtle offers some startling insight.

Tracking the Five Hottest Topics in Google Trends—Day 2

The Five Hottest Topics in Google Trends today are stress tests, spy swap, earthquake, oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, Alisa Maier. Of course the cyber public is very fickle so the popularity of any topic cannot be assured for more than five minutes. In any event I try to identify and write a comment about those that have far reaching impacts on our lives, manifest some kind of social phenomena or have great entertainment value. In today’s selection we have information about heart attack prevention, intrigues about Russian spies in the U.S. and American spies in Russia, shattering earthquake news, more about the worst oil spill in history, and parental precautions against child snatching.

The World of Chaos: Organized Medicine + Politics = Health Care Reform

We used to say the two biggest lies are “The check is in the mail” and “It won’t hurt a bit.” Now, there is a third biggest lie, which is, “We have the best health care system in the world,” as Bill Clinton and George Bush uttered repeatedly during their respective terms. On the other hand, all of the standard measures of health care quality points to ours as being “the best substandard price-gouging health care system in the world”. Find out what’s really wrong and why no one wants to fix it.

Health Care Reform and Depression on the 4th of July

The 4th of July, is more than fireworks and barbecues. It is time when we need to remind ourselves that we the people have the power and that it is not up for grabs. In this article, we shall look at the shameful scam of the health care reform bill and the nefarious conspiracy of mind control with mass marketing of antidepressants and tranquilizers. We need to smell what our political leaders are shoveling at us.

Stress Management: We have nothing to be stressed about other than stress itself

The word “Stress” actually relates to wear and tear as when the rubber meets the road on a tire or the brake pads pressing up against the rotor in the wheel. The term as it applies to living organisms was first introduced by Hans Seyle in the 1930’s who defined it as the consequence of the failure of an organism (human or animal) to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats, whether actual or imagined. Thus stress symptoms are the manifestation of a chronic state of responses to stress triggers that are actually benign. Even a thought can set off the same response mechanism that would be in play while standing in front of a hungry lion. Hence, Seyle’s definition still reaches to the heart of stress management; the idea of the response being inappropriate and engaging in a process of altering ones misperception of pending disaster or imminent danger.

What is the best way to cope with the aftermath of Trauma?

Trauma is an occurrence that suddenly and adversely changes the body and mind. Initially, the injury phase is a mixed bag of intense emotions and pain. During the first instant after a traumatic event, the victim is in shock. Depending on the severity of the event the initial shock can last from a few seconds to a few hours and can even be life-threatening.