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The Dawkins “No G-d” Arguments

The truth is that one cannot prove G-d’s existence by argument because G-d is beyond logic and understanding. A single bacterium that lives on our skin has a better chance of understanding its human host than we have of understanding our Creator. However, the atheist should not find any problem with the unknowable aspect of […]

The Idea of Respect: Torah vs. Science

The atheists tell us that respect for belief in G-d is undeserved because such beliefs are not the result of scientific endeavor. Dawkins, the self proclaimed spokesman for atheism, claims that theologians can no more theorize about G-d than a “fairiologist can measure the dimension of fairy wings”. However, the idea of being careful not […]

The Religion Distinction; G-d is not a religion

One of the leading arguments against the existence of G-d from the scientific community is that there is no such thing as the “supernatural”. However, since the greatest scientists of our times have openly admitted that there are many aspects to our world and universe that are beyond human understanding, they are referring to something […]

Independently Dependent

We need to begin to realize that in reality we are independently dependent on G-d for everything; even every breath we take. We all walk around in a sea of air. The weight of that column of air that is above us at all times is bearing down on us; this is atmospheric pressure. It […]

Is it Possible to Know G-d?

The fact is that the Almighty introduced himself about 3500 years ago to 3 million people at a place called Mount Sinai by saying, “I am the Lord your G-d who took you out of Egypt.” He then issued ten utterances written in tablets made of sapphire, which is what most of us know today […]

The Relationship

In any case, we do know how G-d deals with us because there is a record of his interactions with various people in history. Our relationship with Him falls into two categories: that of a father and his children; and that of a king and his subjects. The former centers on the needs and wants […]

The Essence

Religion has nothing to do with the Existence of G-d; and G-d has nothing to do with the Existence of Religion To begin with, since the human mind cannot grasp even a rudimentary understanding of the Divine, the G-d concept cannot be anything but metaphoric. Thus, when we say the “Hand of G-d” for example, […]

Jewish Belief

It’s impossible to believe in nothing because then nothing is to be believed How many people have declared, “I believe in G-d but I don’t believe in organized religion”? The actual number or percentage is unknown, but such individuals who reject religious dogma are hanging on to a fundamental belief in the Supreme Being, Master […]

Oh G-d vs. No G-d

In truth, it is impossible to prove or disprove G-d’s being because we are finite creatures operating within the confines of space and time trying to comprehend the infinite. It’s like trying to answer questions like, “How long is forever?” On the other hand, there are so many unanswered queries surrounding the mysteries of life […]

The Shadow’s Duality

Would you like to know whether you have a certain look you want to project? Check out your shadow. Like everything else, the shadow has two opposing functions. One, to protect us from the heat of the sun; and two, to provide an area of darkness to conceal one’s shameful activities. When we use it for protection we call it shade. When we use it for concealment we call it “shadow.” However, to be sure, when the sun is directly above us there is no shadow and everything is exposed. Likewise, there are no secrets in this world and no private thoughts because the Infinite Light of G-d is always directly above us with no shadows to conceal the dark forces.

New Age Buzz-words in Health, Healing and Wellness: What do they mean to you?

Of all the popular “new age” search terms in the health and healing category, my personal favorite is holistic healing. This term, it seems, embodies all of the others, like spiritual healing, soul healing, healing meditation, chakra, energy healing, spiritual journey and metaphysics. Some of these terms are specific methodologies like Chakra and guided meditation, while others are just general expressions of adopting a way of thinking beyond the realm of materialism.

The Essence of Change and the Nature of Time

Most often the things we never see are in front of us all the time. We all have a part of ourselves that is always there within us and always escaping our attention. This part of who we are, always hidden in plain sight is the ability to foresee future changes in our mind-bodies as unintended consequences of our behaviors. Therefore, the solutions to your existing or potential health problems are so close to you that all you need to do is to become aware of them.

Circular Motion: The Metaphysical Nature of Space and Time

The circle is the foundation of all existence. If we walk long enough in a “straight line” we always come back to where we started. The Universe and all of its parts are spherical and all planets, suns and galaxies move in circular or elliptical orbits. The circle has no beginning and no end. Therein in lies the mystery of the origin of the Universe; since the circle has no beginning, when and how did it begin?

Fuzzy Logic versus Dichotomy

In medicine “fuzzy logic” rules. This is a world in which black and white is just theory and reality is multiple shades of grey, with guesswork based on past experience and unpredictable outcomes. The political leaders of our society work the same way. They make decisions based the fuzzy logic of probable outcomes and hope that their approval ratings won’t tank.

What is the best way to cope with the aftermath of Trauma?

Trauma is an occurrence that suddenly and adversely changes the body and mind. Initially, the injury phase is a mixed bag of intense emotions and pain. During the first instant after a traumatic event, the victim is in shock. Depending on the severity of the event the initial shock can last from a few seconds to a few hours and can even be life-threatening.