Moshe Sharon, author of “Health Secrets from the Seventh Heaven” has been a registered nurse for 31 years with a graduate degree and specialty in public health. He has spent most of his career in search of ways to achieve true healing for those who are not yet well. He has studied and practiced holistic health care for two decades, always believing in the inseparability of the mind, body and spirit.

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  1. haminia

    Congratulations for the courage to write , no matter the ideas about.
    We can find the truth only when we share our opinions sprung from
    knowledge and knowing.

    We live in so far away countries and it is very good to cooperate with
    the help of technology.

    We all believe in God, the Creator and we are all equal by birth.
    We have a single breath from God and all the differences that
    appeared to divide the human beings are made by them because
    there is so much desire of proving that one is better and smarter
    then the other. It has been happening since ancient times…

    Many people in the world say that things can be changed in better
    for all the human beings by Love ! Unconditional Love ! Like God’s
    love for His Creation !

    What do you think of this ?

    By the way : I can read on this blog your name but I can not know
    where do you live now and what health degree do you have. Are
    you a physician or a spiritual healer ? What kind ? I know that in
    India the healers are called Guru.


    • moshesharon

      I am a registered nurse with a master of public health degree (MPH). I work with conventional medicine, alternative medicine, and spirituality. All of those methods come from G-d. I live in Miami, Florida, USA.

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