Independently Dependent


We need to begin to realize that in reality we are independently dependent on G-d for everything; even every breath we take. We all walk around in a sea of air. The weight of that column of air that is above us at all times is bearing down on us; this is atmospheric pressure. It is this heaviness that would prevent our lungs from expanding to fill up if not for the surrounding thin sac in which there is a constant vacuum. If any air gets into this sac the lungs would collapse and the atmospheric pressure would cause death. This denotes purpose and purpose denotes design and construction. Moreover, we seem to know exactly how fast and how deeply we need to breathe to regulate the amount of oxygen in the blood without giving it a single thought. Hence it’s G-d’s loving care that keeps us breathing an average of 20 times per minute, 1,200 times per hour, 28,880 times per day, 202,160 times per week and 10,512,320 times per year.

Additionally, when we eat, what prevents us from chewing on the inside of our mouths or biting off pieces of our tongues? Again, it’s G-d’s loving care. Add to that all of the other thousands of chemical reactions with hormones, enzymes, ions and the flow of millions of electrical impulses every minute and you can easily see that every heart beats with the same rhythmic Divine intervention. If all of the complexities of the human body aren’t enough, what about the ecological systems by which the earth and its trees bear fruit or the animals that give us meat and clothing. Since atheists scoff at the notion of intelligent design, what would happen if all of the things that keep us alive were left to chance?

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