The Relationship

· Judaism, kabballah, Metaphsyics, Philosophy, Torah

In any case, we do know how G-d deals with us because there is a record of his interactions with various people in history. Our relationship with Him falls into two categories: that of a father and his children; and that of a king and his subjects. The former centers on the needs and wants of the individual and the latter concerns itself mainly with the common good. In both types of relationships there must be a balance of kindness and severity. The parent has to deny the child’s wants on occasion and provide discipline in order to raise a decent human being. Similarly, a leader has to govern by the principle of the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few; otherwise there would be chaos. Just as a child needs discipline, adults need to live within a structure of rules and regulations. Additionally, when a child becomes unruly he must learn to control his animalistic impulses through punishment tempered with kindness and when an adult becomes unruly he becomes destructive and authorities must remove him from where he can cause harm. Therefore, in order to be able to accept even the direst circumstances with hope and joy, we must conclude that G-d doesn’t always give us what we want, but he always gives us what we need.

Finally, the world at large notoriously misconstrues the Torah as a history book with stories and parables. In reality, it is a book of laws; the will and wisdom of our Creator. Every story and grammatical nuance teaches us something. Even the repetition of words and the proximity of certain events that are not in chronological order all carry specific lessons for us on how to behave toward one another in order to establish a nurturing society.

However, just like everything else in this world, the Torah can be used as much for evil as for good. Thus, there is a long history of religious organizations that have added to and attempted to nullify many of its teachings. For example, over the many centuries of dark and middle ages in Europe, the Church of Rome sent inquisitors with armed escorts to find Jewish enclaves and burn the people with their books and scrolls; while more currently, the J—–‘s Witnesses and Mormons relentlessly attempt to convince Jews to accept the “new religion” as an alternative to Judaism in order to be “saved”. Furthermore, bizarre religious aberrations like slapping someone’s forehead on national TV to drive out the devil do not negate or alter the existence of G-d any more than Dawkins and his colleagues can replace Him with science.

Moreover, even the famous atheistic scientists, with their miniscule knowledge of the original Hebrew Bible, have been able to make it clear that the Torah is the source of all belief in G-d. Therefore, in order to nullify the Almighty such individuals have to negate all of the Hebrew Scriptures and the work of all of the Talmudic scholars recorded over the last three thousand five hundred years. In order to do that one must quote line by line at least a majority of the countless inferences and conclusions drawn by all of the great Torah scholars of history and demonstrate that those are the drivel of demented delusional minds. 

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