The Mormon Anti-Semitic Snare and a Jewish Response

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I stumbled on this blog called “Marlena’s Excellent Judaica” which is a vicious attack upon all Jews everywhere. The blog description reads, “This blog is companion to Marlena’s Musings. Its main thrust: To explain and celebrate the great similarities between Mormons and Jews study how righteousness triumphs over adversity. Find here stories of courage and faith and matters of the spirit.”

What follows is Marlena the Mormon’s front page attack article and the responses that I posted there in the comment section.

Marlena the Mormon: “Intergenerational punishment: (Ex 20:5-6). God will visit the guilt of the parents upon the 3rd and 4th generation of those who reject Him, but show kindness to the 1000th generation of those who love Him and keep His commandments. Then there is the individual, horizontal line of thinking that each person is responsible for his or her own sins and good deeds.”

Moshe: There is no contradiction here. The son of a thief who learns how to steal becomes guilty only if he continues to steal after he reaches majority, which is age 13. If becomes an honest man he is not judged guilty for the sins of his father and grandfather or even for what he did as a child at the behest of his parents. Exodus 20:5-6 is referring to the fact that children usually follow the career paths of their parents, so that the children of ciminals have a high probability of becoming criminals to the 3rd and 4th generations.

Marlena the Mormon: “The rabbis used the notions of heaven and hell to explain this. If we are righteous here but suffer, we are rewarded in the olam haba, the afterlife, and vice versa. So the wicked will eventually pay for their sins after death, and the good among us will prosper forever in heaven.”

Moshe: That is bubbamises (utter nonsense) What Rabbis are you talking about? I don’t know of any who espouse that garbage. We Jews are very much into being rewarded right here in this world. When things are not working out we accept responsibility that we need to improve ourelves and things are going well we credit G-d for giving us blessings. We also pray for health and wealth for each other and ourselves.

Marlena the Mormon: “There are other Jewish sages and rabbis who believe that there is no connection between one world and the next, that the world does not make sense in that there is no interference by God in the affairs of men because He won’t step in and interrupt our free will. We will simply be rewarded or punished later on. So the world makes sense to God but not to us and we should stop trying to figure it out.”

Moshe: Really, name one Jewish sage or rabbi who ever spewed such drivel.

Marlena the Mormon: “Then there is the measure for measure approach wherein the specific reward we receive is identifiably related to the deed. The Egyptians lost their males in the last plague and in the Sea of Reeds because they had sought to kill all the Israelite men by throwing them in the Nile. So you see, systematic theology cannot do justice to the complexity of human experience. That is why the rabbis could not come up with one explanation for good, evil and suffering.”

Moshe: This is stunning. You are clearly ignorant of the facts of the Bible. The Egyptians lost their first born sons as retribution for murdering the first born sons of Israel. Did you want the Egyptians to get a pass? Maybe they should have been rewarded. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are encouraging the Arabs to send more of their children as human bombs to murder Jewish children. Furthermore, the soldiers of the Egyptian army that Pharaoh sent to annihilate the Jews when he wanted to renege on his promise to set them free rode into the bed of the Sea of Reeds between the walls of water after being stopped by a giant pillar of fire (not the brightest move ever). You want to believe that their drowning was unjust? What so complex? It was G-d’s justice. Our five year-old children understand that.

Marlena the Mormon: “We can see that many things are missing from Jewish view of death, resurrection, knowledge of Heaven or Hell, reward or punishment, G-d’s grace and His mercy, essentially the Plan of Salvation.”

Moshe: There is nothing missing from the Jewish perspective of death, resurrection, knowledge of Heaven or Hell, reward or punishment, G-d’s grace and His mercy, and His Plan of Salvation. In fact everything you know about those things came from us. The only thing missing is your knowledge of Judaism because you are blinded by your hatred of Jews. You hate us but at the same time you need us to legitimize your false religion.

Marlena the Mormon: “They have the Spirit of Christ, of course, but the deprival of the Holy Ghost greatly hinders their understanding of God’s plan in this life and the lives to follow. They do not believe in revelation as such or understand its origins.”

Moshe: I think the correct word is “deprivation.” I guess English is not your strong suit either, is it. You can keep your “spirit” and your “holy ghost” because we have a very clear understanding of G-d’s plan. He told us what His plan is. We understand the origin of your religion more than you think. A 17 year old kid named Joseph Smith came out of a forest and claimed that an angel appeared before him and told him where to find the breast plate with the Urim v’ Tummim which was in the possession of a native American tribe. Wow! How did we miss that one? Of course he wasn’t allowed to show these items to anyone. How convenient!

Marlena the Mormon: “This is where the Mormons come in!”

Moshe: This is where the Mormons need to leave!

Marlena the Mormon: “We have much to teach them about the Plan of Happiness.”

Moshe: What gives you the right to tell us to discard 3,500 years of cultural tradition and turn our backs on the Torah which is the life blood of the Jewish nation?

Marlena the Mormon: “Ask your Jewish acquaintance or friend to read these blogs and learn about Judaism and about the Gospel of Christ.”

Moshe: What Chutzpah! (nerve!) What makes you think that Jews need to learn about Judaism from you? The gospel is the antithesis to Judaism. We will never worship a dead Jew because it is against the first commandment and we don’t believe in human sacrifice because G-d hates such abominations. We would never sanctify death by torture whereby a man is nailed to a wooden stake and hoisted up to die in agony over three days of dehydration, starvation, exposure and gangrene from infected wounds. How utterly disgusting! Every time a Mormon knocks at my door, I recoil in horror.

I guess it should be no surprise that if you take the middle “m” out of “Mormon” you get “Moron”


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  1. Kullervo

    To be generous, Marlena is being ignorant here, not hateful. All she knows about Judaism she learned from a Mormon perspective, and so she does not realize at all that it bears virtually no resemblance to actual Judaism.

    Many Mormons imagine that they have some kind of special kinship and deep mutual respect with Jews. Since most Mormons don’t actually know any Jews, they don’t realize that their imaginary relationship is, well, imaginary.

    I’d say it’s a stretch to call that Anti-Semitic. It’s ignorant misinformation, sure, but it’s certainly not deliberate (except to the extent that Mormons deliberately want to convert everyone in the world to Mormonism), and it’s not really any worse than Mormon ignorant misinformation about Roman Catholics or Protestants, or any other human group’s ignorant misinformation about any other human group. This is just normal Other behavior. And it’s not even really insidious in this case, because it’s not like the Mormon church is really putting a lot of Jewish-related information out there, or like anyone other than Mormons are reading any of it anyway.

    I’d be willing to bet there are a lot of religions and ethnic groups you’re misinformed about too, but I wouldn’t say you hate them or are “anti” them. Intent has to matter.

    • moshesharon

      I’m sorry, there is no misunderstanding of Marlena’s rhetoric. It is what it is. Whether you believe that she means well but is too ignorant to express her views as something other than condescending, or is just plain insidious, it is irrelevant. The fact remains is that Marlena is calling for us Jews to abandon our 3,500 years of tradition of serving G-d. Marlena’s website is not about calling for all people to follow Mormonism, she was specifically targeting Jews and told her brethren to find Jews wherever they can and convince them to fall into the Mormon religion. As the Italians say, that is an “infamnia!” In other words, it is an attack of monstrous proportions. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it’s gotta be a quack.

  2. Kullervo

    “Wanting to convert everyone, including Jews” is not anti-Semitism.

    • moshesharon

      Marlena’s article was filled with lies and she targets Jews to get us to see the “error” of our ways and abandon Judaism. This is not “wanting to convert everybody”, only Jews. They may go after non-Jews also, but that is irrelevant to the Jews. The act of trying to convert us away from our faith is an act of spiritual terrorism as far as we are concerned. It doesn’t make any difference that pariahs like Marlena know that, they continue to do it anyway. That is anti-Semitism in its most virulent form and nothing you say can convince me otherwise.

      They’re also out in force in Israel. By the way, I don’t see any Mormons going door to door in Gaza, only in Tel Aviv. Gee, I wonder why?

      Also, I might add that you are being grossly insensitive.

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