The 17-Day Diet: 17 Days to Disaster with Another “Cookie Cutter”


The “17-Day Diet” is definitely a cyber brush fire and there is some sound medical science behind it. However, limiting one’s self to a near starvation diet of 1,200 calories for initial fast results is a form of self abuse. It is a monumental task requiring a strong support system or social isolation. There could well be unintended consequences to overwhelming the mind-body with rapid major correction in metabolism, such as chronic fatigue, dangerous drops in blood sugar, traumatic injury from passing out and damage to the brain and other vital organs from a sudden loss of nutrition.

Overeating with food binges, as harmful as everyone knows that it is, is one of the most difficult problems to overcome. It arises from an addiction to sugar. Unlike chemical dependency, sugar is a substance that we need. We cannot eliminate it from our diets and expect to live more than a few days. Therefore, we must develop a special attitude toward food if we are going to have any hope of controlling our intake. It’s time to simply think thin. Have you ever noticed any thin people in your life? I mean the types who don’t seem to have any trouble controlling their appetites. They don’t run to the buffet like people who have not had a meal in three days. In fact it often seems that they couldn’t care less about the food. As a writer, I have interviewed a number of such individuals and I have found they all had a fundamental difference in their relationship with food than those who are overweight. The difference is in eating to live rather than living to eat.

In conclusion, I am not saying that Dr. Moreno’s 17-Day Diet is without merit. However, we cannot afford to throw caution to the wind and suddenly cut our caloric intake by 50% or more without serious repercussions. Even if it is for a short time, the sudden drop in blood sugar and albumin can be catastrophic, especially if there are any undiagnosed heart conditions or other ailments brewing in the mind-body. Therefore, I strongly recommend that people pause for a moment and think about the consequences of prolonged fasting. Before you make a quantum leap over the abyss, check out the other side and see where you are going to land. Consult a physician and/or nutritionist and explore what works for you. Weight loss programs have to be tailored to the individual. Cookie cutter diets don’t work the same for everybody and for many the 17-Day Diet can be 17 days to disaster.

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