The Miracle Cures: Harness your Healing Power


A while ago I was channel surfing on my TV and caught site of a preacher wearing a white Armani silk suite speaking to a huge audience in an arena somewhere in the Southeast region of the United States. The show was about the power of healing. There were several people lined up to go on stage. The first one was an obese woman who said that she was unable to climb stairs until she came to the steps of this stage. The preacher said, “It’s a miracle folks! Let’s have a big hand for the Lord!” Everyone applauded while the man in the white suit slapped the woman on the forehead to drive out the devil. The woman fell backwards into the arms of two men who eased her to the floor where she stayed on her back writhing as if she was having a seizure. Another woman claimed that she was stone deaf for 17 years and suddenly she was able to hear.

The preacher said, “Can you hear me now?”

The woman replied, “Yes!”

“You were deaf and now you can hear! Let’s have a big hand for the Lord!” He slapped her forehead also and she fell backwards and had a “seizure.”

This continued with a few more people claiming miraculous cures of various ailments that had just occurred moments earlier. What was really astounding was that the audience was mesmerized by such cheap theatrics. Then it occurred to me that those people wanted to believe that they were witnessing revealed miracles. They didn’t ask questions; they just accepted everything as true and filled hundreds of buckets with cash.

The query is, what can we learn from this? First, it is not difficult to understand why the audience was so gullible. They were starving for spiritual connection. Since we mostly view the world purely from a materialist perspective, most of us are unable to find the miraculous in the mundane. Thus people grab at anything to believe that they have witnessed a divine revelation. It is also much easier to rely on miracles than to take responsibility for our thoughts, speech and actions to learn about illnesses, evaluate treatment options and transform to healthier life styles

Second, we do have access to the power of prayer but we have to remember that while we must ask G-d for help, we are not allowed to rely on miracles. Revealed miracles require special circumstances and/or merit and it is the epitome of arrogance to take no action in contemplation of a miraculous cure. Miracles do happen in answer to prayer, but by initiating proper action we make ourselves into a vessel to receive the Divine intervention.

Finally, we all have a multitude of healing energies flowing within our bodies. We have hormones that relieve pain called “endorphins” and our immune systems can eradicate infections and build up antibodies to make us resistant to the same “bug”. We also have a system of white blood cells that are constantly on a seek and destroy mission against foreign invaders as well as hormones that produce many varieties of reactions to stimulate the body into repairing damaged tissue. Accordingly, many cultures have developed legitimate learnable methods of meditation prayer to reach inward and enhance the healing power from within.

In summary, there are many charlatans who pass themselves off as spiritual healers and there are those who are the genuine article. To distinguish between the true healers and the hacks one need only to ascertain whether the person purporting to help is asking the patient to abandon all other treatment options. The other telltale sign is being told, “If your faith isn’t strong enough this won’t work.” The scam artist will always blame the victim for “Not having enough faith.” Therefore, true spiritual healing is a proper balance between prayer and appropriate action and it is mostly a private interaction between the afflicted person and G-d. We all would do well to remember that “If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck” it’s most probably a quack.


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  1. sueliz1

    Dear Moshesharon,

    It’s too bad that fake TV evangelists give followers of JC a bad name. There are many fakes, false healings and false miracles. There are gullible people too, people that don’t test the spirits and assume it is from G-d.

    But there are real healings and miracles too.

    You said that people need to take action to heal. That’s kind of like “G-d helps those who help themselves.” Some people are healed without taking action. Some people are healed with just asking for it and they didn’t have to do a thing.

    If the Word says “I am the Lord that health thee” shouldn’t we believe him?

    I have heard of crazy stories like parents whose kid had an illness and instead of treating the illness prayed for him and the child died. Those are frustrating and sad stories indeed.

    I totally agree it’s horrible to blame the sick person, “you don’t have enough faith.”

    My thoughts are this. I need to keep my eyes on Him. Not on my symptoms and sickeness. As the people looked upon the brazen serpent they were healed. They had to keep looking at it. Not their illness. If we look Him with trust, it surely pleases Him.

    Numbers 21:9
    So Moses made a bronze serpent and set it on a pole. And if a serpent bit anyone, he would look at the bronze serpent and live.


    • moshesharon

      It may well be that some people heal from their illness spontaneously without taking any action, but to expect G-d to perform supernatural miracles is a form of arrogance. We tend to take nature for granted and fail to realize that the Earth and everything in it is a miracle. G-d gave us remedies for every conceivable illness. The raw materials are in the earth. There are plants and minerals that have healing powers. We humans have to harvest and process these raw materials to make them work. We also have to rely on prayer. Asking G-d for help is part of the action we all need to take. You can swallow a pill, but you still have to pray to G-d that the pill will work and not cause any adverse reaction.

      The plague that you refer to in Numbers was a supernatural plague. Therefore, survival required a supernatural remedy by staring at the copper snake on a pole. However, I do agree with keeping G-d in our sight at all times. We do that by obeying His laws. Although I’m sure you understand that when I speak of G-d, I am referring only to the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the one true G-d who controls the world.

  2. sueliz1

    Thank you for your response. I agree with everything you said, except, I do think He heals supernaturally when He wants to. I understand what you are saying, but I disagree that it is arrogance to believe He can heal supernaturally.

  3. sueliz1

    I had a post about sound remedies, I couldn’t find it, but wanted to say they actually do work because I’ve tried them. Sound can produce a picture: ultrasound/sonograms. Frequencies can break glass, and if they can break glass they can also “shatter” infection. It sounds like snake oil for sure, but for me, proof is in the pudding. I tried it with skepticism so it wasn’t placebo affect and it did work.

    • moshesharon

      You still need scientific evidence by way of case control studies with results published in peer review journals to convince anybody else. One person’s personal experience related in a blog does not legitimize anything.

  4. sueliz1

    Oh I realize that. Convincing people is a joke. I’m happy it worked for me. 🙂

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