Fighting Back in the Arab Propaganda War Against Israel


After posting a comment on an Arab Palestinian blog, the owner and I exchanged a few words: I see you totally ignored the fact that Israel has lobbed 1000’s of rockets, yes the real ones at Gaza since 2009. Plus, according to your blog you are a holistic health healer of 31 years, and here you advocate this “total victory” which I’m sure is nothing short of ethnic cleansing! “Remember These Children,” has been documenting Israeli and Palestinian deaths, mainly children under the age of 13 approximately 1,500 Palestinian minors killed by Israeli forces in the past 11 years; during the same period Palestinians killed about 130 Israeli minors.
You should read Alison Weirs article titled Murdering Babies is “Permissible” When They’re Palestinian

Moshe: I did not advocate ethnic cleansing. the total victory that I desire for my people is for the army to do its job by destroying our enemy’s capacity to wage war. They are in Gaza now looking for terrorists who are in possession of assault weapons and rockets. If they complete their mission, they will find and destroy the caches of weapons and route out those who are using them against my people Israel. Furthermore, your body count doesn’t convince any thinking person that the Arab people of Gaza and elsewhere in the Land of Israel are just innocent victims. Everyone knows that Hamas terrorists fire rockets out of Gaza targeting civilian neighborhoods from the vicinity of homes, schools and hospitals. They do this knowing that the IDF will respond attacking the source of the enemy barrage. Therefore, if the number of Arab children killed in the fighting is greater than the numbers of Jewish children killed, it’s because the Jews are more protective of their children rather than putting them in harm’s way for propaganda.

After visiting I noticed that most of the Israeli children were murdered in drive by shootings and human bombs exploding themselves in restaurants, buses and markets. In other words, the Arab terrorists targeted those children and murdered them in cold blood. For all of the Arab children, on the other hand, the site identifies the causes of death as gun shot wounds or explosions during the firefights with Arab Hamas fighters. What were their children doing in the middle of a war zone? That is clear and convincing evidence that the Hamas thugs where using the local children as human shields. Soldiers are trained to return fire when fired upon. The bushwhacking urban guerrillas who fire at enemy troops from a neighborhood full of children are the ones causing the deaths of those children. The unfortunate part is that we are a people that are under occupation, war can be waged on many fronts including non-violent. It is still a war against an occupying power. When Israel left Gaza, it had commitments to the people of Gaza, including lifting the siege, letting goods and supplies into Gaza. So far Israel has not provided the basic needed health and food supplies to enter, as you can find those numbers from GISHA, an Israeli human rights organization. You also don’t hear the stories on the main stream news about the Gazan’s who are SHOT in the head by snipers trying to collect stone, (stones to break down into cement, inorder to rebuild Israel’s destruction) or about the countless fisherman who are shot, abducted, within 1 mile of Gaza shores, instead of the Israeli approved 6 mile nautical border. Or about the air raids that strike into Gazan populated areas. These are all crimes, which as long as labeled as you like to put it (destroying our enemy’s capacity to wage war) – Give me a break. Israel is the third military power in the world!, yes we get it, but has Israel put in the same effort for peace, in comparison to war, and killing of civilians.

The people of Gaza, let us not forget are refugees from the surrounding area that Israel occupied and took over in 1948, Putting that aside Moshe, you can’t in good faith not consider any of the other facts, including various statements by Israeli politicians who push for the starvation of Gazan’s and advocate the murder of civilians. We don’t deny that projectiles are fired from Gaza, (and always in response to an Israel act of aggression); however, those are more like sticks thrown at a giant. The Israeli response has never pushed for peace, or held its part of the agreements. If Israel truly wanted peace, it would stop building settlements, adhere by the many internationally recognized agreements. Very simply, instead of going in and killing innocents, starving millions. How is that a just victory, or solution. Israel’s policy of attack first, and play the victim has never worked for the past how many years? Why not stop trying to “root out Arab terror” and figure out the root problem!

Moshe: You are good writer of fiction. You should publish a novel. Your history of Israel is a total fabrication. In 1948 Gaza was part of Egypt. The moment Israel was declared a State at the U.N. the Egyptians, Jordanians and Syrians launched an attack to annihilate the entire population of Jews. Talk about ethnic cleansing. Our people fought for their survival and won against larger and better equipped armies.

Then came the six day war of 1967 and the same three countries attacked again and surrendered in six days despite their greater numbers and fire power. Then Israel expanded its borders to protect itself from further aggression.

As for your accusations of IDF soldiers using Arab civilians for target practice, and claiming other atrocities, such lies are the same blood libel as the Saudis telling their people that Jews use the blood of Arab children to make cookies for Purim. You can say anything you want to incite your people to perpetuate their hatred against Jews, but you cover up the fact that Arafat, Abbas and other PA leaders are responsible for the poverty of your people, having ripped off the billions of dollars that the U.S. and other governments sent in humanitarian aid.

The truth is your leaders have never been interested in peace because for the Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank there is no compromise. They want the entire land of Israeli and for every Jew to die. In 2009 the leader of Hamas said that the cease fire was nothing more than an opportunity to regroup and smuggle in more arms and ammunition to launch their next attack.

Finally, your people have been given autonomy, with Israel supplying the PLO with weapons and your leaders were offered statehood several times and each time they turned it down. The Israelis were willing to live in peace and the Arabs refused always relying on terror and false propaganda to achieve the goal of “no Jews in Israel.” 1948 Gaza was limited to these borders, an yes Egypt had administrative control at th time. My point was that had kicked the current inhabitants from the settlement around Gaza into what Gaza is today. That is why they are called settlements, and illegal at that! Not to leave your statements un-disputed, I can dispute every claim you’ve made, and we can go back fourth, however, I’m happy though that you cared to visit RO, and read more about that Israel is doing to Palestinians.

Moshe: Aw gee, just when it was getting interesting.


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