Circular Motion: The Metaphysical Nature of Space and Time


The circle is the foundation of all existence and governs all movement through space and time. If you walk in any direction long enough from any starting point on this planet, you will end up where you started. Thus it’s impossible to walk a straight line because to do so you would have to defy gravity and walk into outer space, but then you wouldn’t be walking anymore because once your feet leave the ground, you’d be flying. Thus we must conclude that we live on a perfect globe and we’re constantly moving in circles, even when we are standing still. It sounds crazy, but it is the reality in which we live. Moreover, if you follow Einstein’s theories, space itself is curved so there is no such thing as a straight line. Notwithstanding that a straight line is defined as the shortest distance between two points, the only way to reach your destination is to travel along the curved space. So, even if you move in a straight line clear off this planet you are still going in circles. The point is that nothing is as it seems, but those who learn Hassidism know that everything is as it should be.

When we conceptualize G-d’s creation in totality, we can see that of all the geometric shapes that He invented, G-d chose the circle as the foundation of all existence. The others, like the square, triangle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon etc. are the fundamental concepts for building structures and performing His commandments, but the circle is the foundation of all physical existence and governs all movement through time and space. Even the bodies of humans and animals move only by the circular motion of all of the joints. A wagon or car wouldn’t get very far with square wheels. And, we can refer to the supernal as circumferential in the sense that we are surrounded by G-dliness.

The truth is our concepts are limited to the framework within which we are created. No mind can grasp the Divine. Our limitation is related to time. Thus, a time before the beginning of time is beyond any human comprehension because G-d created time in order for us to be. However, science holds that what the human mind cannot comprehend doesn’t exist. Therefore, since the G-d concept is impossible to grasp, the secular scientist has to find another explanation for the world and its countless baffling phenomena.

On the other hand, the circle, being the foundation of all existence, has some fascinating properties. First, there is no beginning and no end, so how G-d created something with no beginning and no end is a mystery because everything was created from nothing. Yet since the circle has no beginning when did it begin?

Secondly, the circle, with its no beginning and no end, represents the origin of all corporeal life in the shape of the egg, which is actually a perfect sphere, made up of an infinite number of circles. So we can begin to understand that life is endless with no beginning and must therefore emanate from G-d. However, when Adam and Eve brought death into the world G-d said, “From dust you came and to dust you shall return.” That was another circle – returning to one’s origins, with the process of the creation of new life repeating itself without end.

Thirdly, the circle also represents all of the destructive forces in nature such as the hurricane, tornado, cyclone and typhoon; and volcanoes spew their ash and lava through a circular opening. Hence, we can see that the circle, like water, is a balance between Gevura (severity) and Chesed (kindness). Thus we also know that life repeats itself because as mentioned earlier we always end up where we started.

In conclusion, we began our journey as humans 5,770 years ago and we know that since we are moving in one big circle we will reach the place where we started – the Garden of Eden, where it all began.

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  1. amanofwonder

    Dude you just made my day!

    ” Thus we also know that life repeats itself because as mentioned earlier we always end up where we started.”

    I been going round and round the same ole block mosta mah life. So whatcha just said helps me to betta understand I ain’t dat abnormal affta all. Imma just following the perfect pattern set forth before I wuz a twinkle of da form that “I am” in (little g-d thang).

    I figger if G-d made me with the ability to walk the straight line in perpetuity I wud then end up considerin’ meself to be just like HIM and that kinda thinkin’ sure got them fallen angels kicked outta Heaven.

    Told jah I wud circle back and check out wut u’z gotta say, just cuz I’ma supposing you think out of the box sorta like me and that iz my straight line for the day.


    Hey fella,

    I sure do hope I don’t end up as number 265 on da spam filter. That would be a real dead end and I wud really like to walk around and around the “garden” in anticipation of learnin’ more uv the greater truths.

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