It’s Howdy Doody Time!

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Back in the 1950’s, many of us found ourselves gawking at a new invention called television. There was one show that came on everyday at 4:00 P.M. Buffalo Bob was the master of ceremonies and his sidekick was a mute clown named Clarabelle who communicated with a honker horn. There was also the “peanut gallery” which was a set of bleachers occupied by a group of preschoolers cheering every time Clarabelle honked his horn. The star of the show, however, was a marionette named Howdy Doody. The way it worked was that Howdy Doody spoke to the television audience while Buffalo Bob lead the cheering section in the peanut gallery. Every time H.D. finished making a point, Buffalo Bob would say “Isn’t that right boys and girls of the peanut gallery?” Clarabelle would then honk his horn twice and the studio kids would shout “Yay!” Of course, we never found out who was pulling the strings. Let’s see; a speech making puppet with a cowboy and a clown leading a programmed cheering section; sounds a lot like modern-day politics.

Accordingly, as I have watched the events unfold vis-à-vis the “war on terror”, and the “road map to peace”, I feel like I’m still watching the Howdy Doody Show. In Gaza, Hamas had taken control of the Palestinian Authority by popular vote. Then the U.S. government continued to push Israel to travel down “peace road” with the leaders of Hamas because they had become the elected officials of the “Palestinians”. The PLO has been gone for about five years and Hamas is still in power; American style democracy in action with Jimmy Carter still heralding his approval and Obama still promising to work harder toward bringing peace between the Jews and the Arabs in the Middle East.

Wait a minute! Aren’t the Hamas terrorists the ones who perpetrated all of the suicide bombings in Israel and murdered thousands of Jews? Yes. Didn’t the Israeli military take out several successive leaders of Hamas with Helicopter attacks without protest from the puppeteers? Yes. Didn’t the prior Bush administration and the current Obama administration condemn Hamas for its acts of terror? Yes. And now the world community is still congratulating Hamas for its participation in the peaceful political process and condemning Israel for defending herself.

I feel like I’m still going insane. But it must be alright, because Howdy Doody says that everything is as it should be, the buffalo man is prompting us for agreement and the dumb clown just gave us two blasts on his honker horn.


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  1. 300 yrs in America

    Moshe you hit it outta da park. i’m sick of the taqyya from the wh and the terrorist. the so called palestinian muhanimals are nothing but an armed camp bent on the destruction of the rightful owners (i know HaShem said the land is Mine) or should i say the only people He said could live there are Yaakov’s children. Jews have lived in the land since Yehoshua led them in 3500 yrs ago. i am sick of revisionist history. Jordan was to be the place for the muhanimals. i think the hatred isn’t for the Jew as much as it is hatred for HaShem. He promised judgement He gave us Torah to teach us right from wrong good from evil. He gave us the Prophets to prove only He could tell the future because He is the Eternal. the left hate Him and His rules because of the debauchery they enjoy and encourage. Muhammad was no prophet; only an evil murderer. the koran isn’t of HaShem. its just a book. the Tanach and BritChadashah are as ALIVE as He is. one can feel the Ruach HaKodesh when reading those Jewish writings.

  2. 300 yrs in America

    Pt. 2, we are at war not only with islam but atheistic socialism. this is a war to the death. Disraeli was asked by the queen to prove the existence of G_d he answered the fact that the Jewish people exist proves G_d exists. the land of Judea/Samaria was a desert til the Jews returned now it is a garden in the middle of a desert. the land will only flourish if Yaakov’s children have the land. there are at least 26 prophecies fulfilled that any one can see in Yisrael today. islam hates Christians and Jews with demonic hatred. we must do whatever it takes to help Israel and pray without ceasing. Baruch Haba B’Shem HaShem. O sey shalom beem romav hoo ya’ah sey shalom Alaynu; vayah kol Yisrael; v’eemroo Amein.

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