Purim—One Mind, One Heart and One Soul

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As we approach the celebration of Purim in the beginnings of the month of Adar, we must remember that this is the month of pure Joy and unbridled rapture over our connection with the Holy One, Blessed Be He, unified as one people with one mind, one heart and one soul. Understanding this beyond-nature Jewish unity is key to achieving the proper observance and intention in the celebration of Purim. At the time that the evil Haman made his decree to annihilate all Jews, this was the only time in our history that a descendent of Amalek actually had the ability to carry out such a horrific ruling because all of the Jewish people were living in exile in one realm. The people were unified to the extent that the evil Haman’s hatred of one Jew, Mordechai, was the same as hatred of all. Hence, the single heroic act of Esther inspired the Jewish Nation to make Teshuvah in unity as one body and one soul.

Today, although we are spread out in all four corners of the Earth by Divine Providence, we are, once again, facing the same type of threat from the modern-day Haman, the current prime minister of Persia threatening our Holy Land with nuclear weapons, G-d forbid. Thus, we need to surrender ourselves to the same Jewish unity that saved us before. And so we must remind ourselves this Purim that despite being spread all over the planet, we all live in exile in one realm—that of G-d’s Kingdom—with one mind, one heart and one soul, rejoicing over the fact that we are a Holy Nation unto G-d assured of our final redemption with Mashiach. May all experience the extreme Joy of a Freilicha Purim, to be blessed with G-d’s abundance and with good health; “For the Jews, there was light and joy, gladness and honor—so let it be with us.”

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