Fuzzy Logic versus Dichotomy


In view of the existence of the unlimited and unknowable, what we humans know is the total of what the Almighty has chosen to reveal. However, secular scientists believe that the sum of human knowledge is what people discover from their own efforts. During my two-day refresher course in Advanced Life Support, I came across an interesting buzz word that I had not seen before: “Fuzzy Logic”. In one part of the text the authors stated that there are no absolutes in this world; “black and white” is merely theoretical while the true reality consists of “multiple shades of gray”.

Therefore, although the medical system sets up certain algorithms to teach what drugs and procedures to provide during various types of medical emergencies, each situation requires analysis of a myriad of confounding variables before making a final decision. Ergo, the term “fuzzy logic” denotes that the provider determines each move on a best guess basis because there is always a factor of unpredictability. By that thinking, we give ourselves permission to make mistakes because, after all, we are only human.

Accordingly, it seems that the “Fuzzy Logic” paradigm is the established reasoning in political decisions to drop bombs or fire rockets to take out military targets that are imbedded within civilian populations. This whole process is the result of systemic arrogance. The idea that difficult choices must be made for the good of all that will produce unpredictable outcomes labeled, “collateral damage” is the ultimate in haughtiness and absurdity when the Torah tells us exactly what we need to do. In fact, much of the guess work in medicine could be refined to a greater degree of accuracy by tapping into the healing knowledge found in the Tanya and other works of Kabbalah. The truth is that there is indeed a dichotomy, which is the essence of the whole world. In fact, as the Alter Rebbe brings down in the Tanya (Opus of Kabballah by Rabbi Schneur Zalman 1799), the world, which exists in an illusionary capacity only by virtue of multiple contractions by which G-d conceals His nullifying essence from all created beings, is one large conglomeration of opposites. Every object and abstract concept has its opposite with which it is in a perpetual state of conflict. Thus every decision is an answer to the question “Should I or should I not?”

Regarding the Obama administration’s illegal immigration policies, which is pretty much the same as those of the last three previous presidencies, “fuzzy logic” seems to be the order of the day. The reality is that we have somewhere around 20,000,000 people living in the United States illegally. They became outlaws the day they entered. Those who are working are breaking more laws by committing fraud. Additionally, since we have no way of screening these lawbreakers, we should not be surprised to find that 30% of all prison inmates are illegal aliens. Federal law requires that all illegal aliens be arrested, and deported. Yet the fuzzy logic is to ignore the law and look at the potential for increasing the tax base and political power. Even if amnesty were remotely acceptable, the failure to stem the tide of this insidious invasion gives new definition to the term “fuzzy logic”.

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