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The top five hot topics in Google trends as of this writing are heat wave, climate change, oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, Lindsay Lohan, and illegal immigration. There seems to be an even mix between the profound and profane. It is interesting that there is as much concern about disasters, weather issues and political moves that have an intense effect on our lives as there is for the self-serving exploits of young starlets displaying their sexual wares to divert attention from their obvious mediocrity.

First, we have another heat wave set upon the Southeastern region of the United States with triple digit temperatures. There an important set of warnings that could save your life. Make certain you replace your sweat with sufficient water and salt. People often forget about the salt and get into trouble with sodium and chloride depletion. Remember to stay safe with a few simple precautions like wearing protective clothing. This is not a good time to go for a sun tan.

Second we have the same old politics about climate change, aka “global warming”. This is still a political hot rock with conservatives decrying the entire issue as bogus. The U.S. EPA has a fancy website on the “science” of climate change and what evidence there exists to support it. Of course, in the middle of a regional heat wave, it’s a little easier to sell it. The EPA defines climate change as “Climate change is a term that refers to major changes in temperature, rainfall, snow, or wind patterns lasting for decades or longer.” The problem that most thinking people have with this definition is that climate change is a process that has been going on for 4.75 billion years. Following a temperature trend over the last 150 years means nothing in the scheme of things.  Thus you might be able to establish a significant trend line if you have one dating back 30,000 years, but a mere 150 years tells us nothing. Moreover, a prediction that the average global temperature will be 3 to 7 degrees Fahrenheit one hundred years from now is not a falsifiable theory from our perspective because we are likely to be dead by then.  We also need to know how this average global temperature is measured, by what instrumentation and the margins of error. Furthermore, as we are comparing todays temperatures with those recorded fifty, one hundred and one hundred fifty years ago when meteorological technology was comparatively non-existent this comparative data is highly suspect and has been subjected to manipulation for various political agendas.

Third, we have the devastating oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, not so much in the headlines anymore because the liberal media hacks don’t want to let Obama look stupid and ineffectual. As everyone knows it just keeps getting worse. The current wild life devastation is only the beginning. We still have to contend with the far reaching detrimental health effects of human exposure to crude oil that is seeping into the water and food supply for tens of millions of Americans. We are talking about a complex mixture of toxic chemicals that can be absorbed into the body through the skin, lungs, and during ingestion of food and water. Most components of crude oil enter the bloodstream rapidly when they are inhaled or swallowed. These components are chemicals that readily penetrate cell walls, damaging structures, including DNA, and alter the function of the cells and the organs where they are located resulting in cancer. Any level of exposure, even stepping on tar balls washed up on the beaches is highly toxic to every organ system of the body. If there is enough crude nearby, people can absorb toxic chemicals into the blood simply by inhaling the fumes. The current spill figure as of this writing is 86,000,000 gallons.

Fourth, there is all this hype about a new actress and singer by the name of Lindsay Lohan. Another 24 year old whose parents pushed into modeling at age three, so the kid got indoctrinated as a toddler into a fast paced burn out, living an emotionally devastating, empty and meaningless life-style. Now sadly, at the age of 24 she has to desperately hang her breasts out and display a lot of cleavage to stay in the public eye. The problem with such cheap theatrics is that it doesn’t last. By the time she hits thirty she will need to show some extraordinary talent because the dirty old men in the modeling and movie business will look to younger girls to keep making their money.

Fifth, illegal immigration is still a major bane of our existence. We’ve heard all the arguments about how we need to provide the illegal immigrants with education and health benefits because we are a country of kindness. The truth is that the all branches of the United States Government have been making a mockery of its own laws for decades. The illegals are bankrupting country taking free services and giving nothing back. There is also the problem of the resulting crime wave evidence by the fact that 35% of the violent criminals in our prisons are illegal aliens. The Obama administration’s criticism of the Arizona law to catch and deport illegal immigrants says it all. I rest my case.

In conclusion, three of the top five topics discussed were not in the top five anymore by the time I finished writing this piece. I thought it might be a good idea to write some commentary on popular subjects, but to keep up with Google Trends I will have write and post an article every five minutes. So I will have to be content with starting with the top five and end up talking about five topics in the top one hundred and I hope that by the time I click “submit” in the next three minutes that this piece won’t have already become passé.

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