What is the best way to cope with the aftermath of Trauma?


I have spent most of my professional career giving people coping assistance with the after effects of trauma. Virtually everyone experiences some form of trauma in the course of life. I have written a new book called Health Secrets from the Seventh Heaven and have devoted a chapter to healing the after affects of trauma from the spiritual perspective with knowledge about healing and wellness taken from Kabbalah. I have been working on integrating my knowledge of health as a nurse with my learning about spirituality. The results are an amazing treasure of health secrets that I will now share with everyone, with G-d’s help.

Trauma is an occurrence that suddenly and adversely changes the body and mind. Initially, the injury phase is a mixed bag of intense emotions and pain. During the first instant after a traumatic event, the victim is in shock. Depending on the severity of the event the initial shock can last from a few seconds to a few hours and can even be life-threatening. The sudden onset of injury produces a change that evokes a series of responses such as pain, denial, anger, guilt, anxiety, helplessness and panic. For the most part doctors treat the pain and physical injuries and usually there are counselors on hand to give coping assistance to the victims and their families.

Regarding the after math, the sudden change, whether temporary or permanent affects every aspect of being. The injurious event strips away all goals and expectations developed over a lifetime, with nothing to look forward to except for pain and anguish. If that weren’t enough, the road to recovery is fraught with obstacles, namely harmful coping mechanisms and responses such as flash backs, recurrent nightmares, intrusive thoughts, sleep deprivation, chronic pain, alterations in body image, self esteem and social relationships, loss of independence, lower frustration tolerance, irritability, inappropriate startle responses to common sounds and alterations in danger perception; all of which we have come to know as post traumatic stress (PTS). Health care providers don’t pay much attention to PTS. You won’t see any printed instructions in most hospitals for what to do in case of flash backs or recurrent nightmares that leave the victim reliving the accident multiple times every day.

Therefore, I thought it might be beneficial to open a discussion on how to deal with post traumatic responses and what kind of help might be available for those who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This could be anything from fear of dogs because of being bitten decades ago that one never got over, or some vague nagging tenseness that occurs every time someone crosses the street because of an accident or even a near miss.


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  1. Pierre Winter

    This version has correction in some places of the text… please consider this one and not the last.

    Hi. First of all it is a pleasure to be the first to comment.
    You Moshe Sharon has written so many precious things please help me with this.
    I am blaming God because I think there was this fault in creation. Like a bug in a program.
    Why almost 90% or more face trauma? And out from these people most can´t get out of negative consequences that comes from it? Why are so many of us are into compulsive suicidal behavior and even knowing it and studying all the time a way to get out from it we still walk towards death and even worse emotional cancer which unltimately leads us to a very disgusting desease.
    Why have we humans in the great majority walked the easy way to self-destruction and why was it allowed by God, what was the purpose for its existence and why is this way always so strong? Why is there the way to destruction and so broad and so strong? Why did God grant us this present?

    Pierre Winter – 28 years old – Brazil

    • moshesharon

      One of the first things that Jews of faith believe is that G-d doesn’t make any junk. Contrary to what most people believe, we are perfect. Our bodies have billions of moving parts all syncronized to serving a single function; to live. As a whole, we lack nothing. As individuals, we each have the potential to live full, happy productive lives. To belive otherwise is to believe in the great lie: “I am not worthy.” Unfortunately time takes its toll, so you have only a narrow window of opportunity to make the right choices.

      However, there is the question of why we suffer. We live in a world of action, so every action has a reaction and most often every action ripples through the rest of the world like one small pebble causing ripples across a big pond. G-d made us with two opposing forces; one that acts on emotion, like an animal and the the other that acts out of intellect weighing the consequences of every action. That is the nature of free will; the ability to make decisions to do or not do something based on what is the best possible outcome. Therefore, we have no reason to blame G-d when things don’t work out, because we have the power to make decisions and take action.

      On the other hand, there are things that happen that cause suffering that are acts of G-d, like sunamis, hurricains and tornados. There is also war and injustice by governments against regular people. I don’t have an answer for that because that is G-d’s business. One thing we do know is that there will be a time when there will be no wars, famine or disease and people will all be happy. That time is coming soon.

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