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Most often the things we never see are in front of us all the time. We all have a part of ourselves that is always there within us and always escaping our attention. This part of who we are, always hidden in plain sight, is the ability to foresee future changes in our mind-bodies as unintended consequences of our behaviors. Therefore, once you read “Health Secrets from the Seventh Heaven” you will realize that the solutions to your existing or potential health problems are so close to you that all you need to do is to become aware of them. 





We all live in a world of opposites and we each have a world of opposites living within us. Everything within the physical and spiritual worlds has its converse and a perpetual state of war exists between them. Moreover, the worlds themselves are dichotomous with the Heavens split between light and darkness and the Universe, composed of matter, with its antimatter counterpart and a one-dimensional line of demarcation between them. This basic bipolar antagonistic construct of all existence has manifested itself in all languages and cultures since the beginning of time with time itself being a process of the future becoming its opposite past.

To explore further, all of our understanding depends on the concept of opposites. We cannot know how to be polite unless we understand what it is to be rude; we can’t be good unless we know what is evil; we can’t understand order without knowing about chaos; and the only reason we know which way to go is because we come to understand that the opposite direction will take us further away from where we want to be. Everything, whether physical or spiritual, object or idea; tangible or intangible has its opposite and there is an impenetrable line of demarcation between them because otherwise they would cancel each other out. But each concept, perception or entity is inextricably connected to its counterpart as the mirror image of the other and are therefore interdependent for existence. Even “opposite” has its opposite which is “same” and the opposite of same is opposite. Without “same” there would be no opposite and without “opposite” nothing would be the same and everything would be the same as nothing.

We have it all right here for us to read, discuss and find some answers:

  • Self Help – the opposite of every problem is its solution, so let’s find yours.
  • Healing Arts – Many doctors tell their patients, “There is nothing more that can be done,” when they should be saying, “There is nothing more I can do.” We’ll explore alternatives for real healing.
  • Book Reviews – We’ll discuss the hottest titles on subjects of interest that you get to choose.
  • Politics – We’ll discuss the real issues around the world and throw caution to the wind.
  • Judaism – There are more questions than answers, but when we explore the inner dimensions of Kabbalah we find the outer limits of the mind.
  • Philosophy – We’ll explore the inner dimensions of our minds to reach the outer limits of our thoughts, discern truth from fiction and find the outer limits of logic.
  • Metaphysics – We’ll explore fundamental notions by which we try to understand the world, like existence, free will, space, time, causality and possibility.
  • News – We’ll tackle major current events and try to analyze the impact; one pebble in a pond can change the world.
  • Hot Topics – We’ll pick the hottest buzzwords in the blogosphere and discuss why they generate so much interest.

So click around for some stimulating discussions and mind-tingling revelations


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  1. wdednh

    Great post.

  2. sueliz1

    You’ve got a knack for writing.
    Sue (from News That Matters) blog.

    • moshesharon

      Thank you Sue. Please tell your friends and readers.

  3. Astraea

    An analysis of the human condition and mystery (being born again) revealed

    God cursed mankind with birth trauma (and patriarchy) when He cursed Eve with sorrow in childbirth (and rule by husband). [Christians believe that] JC offered redemption through deep breathing – “Ye must be born again in water [to trigger memories of being in the womb] and spirit to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” Spiritus is Latin for breath. Deep breathing accesses the subconscious (Kingdom of Heaven) where birth trauma memories are stored along with access to the collective unconscious and the Universal Consciousness. Birth trauma – fear of death in the birth process (many women and children die in childbirth so the fear is existential) projected onto women and reproductive organs, and acting like a survival instinct – manifests as sexism and woman-hatred (and is reinforced by patriarchy) which corrupts male/female relationships (love) and is destroying Mother Earth.
    Rebirthing breathwork, as it is also known, causes a paradigm shift – radical change in underlying beliefs or theory. Birth trauma is the paradigm on which most of humanity at present subconsciously operates.

    • moshesharon

      “God cursed mankind with birth trauma (and patriarchy) when He cursed Eve with sorrow in childbirth (and rule by husband).”

      Actually Genesis 3:16 says: “To the woman He said, ‘I will greatly increase your suffering and your child bearing; in pain shall you bear children. Yet your craving shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you.'”

      This verse is often misunderstood. G-d did not say that He would cause sorrow in childbirth, He said that it was going to be painful. However, despite the pain, pregnancy and childbirth brings great joy and satisfaction. The last part of the verse doesn’t make men bosses over their wives. Anyone who tries to justify sexism using this or any other Biblical verse is just plain wrong. One cannot sanely use any Biblical verse to justify evil. The true message is that the pain of childbirth will not deter women from wanting to have more children. The natural tendency for humans is that if you experience severe pain from a particular event you will avoid repeating that same event in order to avoid the pain. Miraculously, women in general do not develop any aversion to giving birth as a result of the pain and suffering experienced previously or hearing about the pain of others.

    • sueliz1


      You are WAY off on Christian theology…you present New Age mumbo-jumbo that has nothing to do with following Yeshua.


      • moshesharon

        Thank you Sue. Personally, I have no problem with Astraea’s or anyone else’s belief system. I just ask that no one attempt to promote it here. If we are going to have any religious discussions, they need to be confined to the Hebrew Bible (Torah) which covers from Genesis to II Chronicles (or Isaiah depending upon which edition you are looking at). This is common ground that Jews, Christians and Muslims alike accept as the Word of G-d. How these books get interpreted is another story, but makes for good discussion. The NT and the Koran are foreign to me and most Jews and therefore are not welcomed as sources. I do not want to turn this into a forum for disparaging other religions nor have anyone disparage Judaism.

      • sueliz1

        I respect your blog rules Moshe

  4. hansl

    searched objections, found none, so agree 🙂

  5. Astraea

    Gen 3: 16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. King James Version.

    Whether you call it pain or sorrow, it has the same effect – birth trauma. It is well known that pain (and sorrow and fear) causes trauma.

    Perhaps deep breathing during giving birth “redeems” the mothers of the pain and sorrow of childbirth. But the child is still traumatized emotionally if not physically which trauma is repressed, but subconsciously influences human behavior.

    Rule by husband is patriarchy by definition. The Bible in practice and Word is all about patriarchy and maintaining it at all costs. The Bible is constantly used to justify patriarchy and sexism, and, to many women, that is evil.

    You overlooked the most important part: redemption and access to the Kingdom of Heaven through deep breathing.

    • moshesharon

      Forgive me, but the Hebrew word ﬠצּבֿ [etzev] is translated as “pain”. I understand that some Gentile texts use “sorrow” as the translated English word, but it is incorrect and the meaning of the verse becomes totally skewed when you insert “sorrow.” They are not the same. Moreover, childbirth is not necessarily traumatic by definition. In my years as a nurse and a father, I have participated in more than a few births. In each case the mother’s pain was excruciating, but the doctors had the means to lessen and even eliminate the pain of childbirth. Deep breathing is very effective in the Lamaze method also.

      Your statement, “redemption and access to the Kingdom of Heaven through deep breathing” has no meaning for Jews. The Torah tells that we have to do a lot more than breathe to earn redemption. There are no free rides in Judaism. I do agree that using the Bible to justify sexism is evil. I said that already.

      • Astraea

        The issue is the curse of birth trauma and patriarchy and its subconscious influence on human behavior, whether from sorrow or pain. Redemption and access to the Kingdom of Heaven through deep breathing has no meaning for Christians either. That’s why I’m writing about it: to spread the Word. The Kingdom of Heaven contains all the Words, thoughts, emotions, and memories of all sentient beings. Asking forgiveness of sins is part of accessing the Kingdom of Heaven as the Kingdom of Heaven, the subconscious, will bring to consciousness repressed memories from pain, sorrow, grief, hatred, judgments, beliefs, anger, guilt, fear, rage, denial, blame, and shame; and sins, and past lives and the Words, thoughts, and emotions of others who have thought about the person generally or specifically, and information about Creation. Deep breathing will lead to “go and sin no more”.

  6. Astraea

    Dear Moshe

    I just noticed that you edited my comment to say “Christians believe that JC” offered redemption instead of “JC offered redemption”, which changed the meaning of what I said. Whether as a character in a story or as a real person, JC offered redemption through being born again by deep breathing.


    • moshesharon

      I edited your comments because it seems that you are attempting to use my blog to proselytize your religious beliefs and I cannot allow that. My work is for all people and consistent with all belief systems that rely on the Torah (Hebrew Bible) as the true word of G-d. Those who disagree with me are most welcome to comment and I always like a good respectful debate. However, I will not allow anyone to use this forum to promote Christianity or any other religion. thank you for understanding.

  7. Astraea

    And actually Christians don’t even know what I’m talking about by deep breathing. Most think that just believing is being born again – from non-believer to believer. That’s why I call it mystery revealed.

    • moshesharon

      You can count me as one Jew who has no idea what you are talking about with this “deep breathing” thing. But I would prefer if you reveal your mystery somewhere else. Thank you for understanding.

      • Astraea

        Sorry, I thought we were having a good, respectful debate.

  8. Astraea

    By the way, I learned about birth trauma from The Trauma of Birth by Otto Rank who, I believe, was a Jew.

  9. sueliz1

    As a Christian, I confirm Moshe is right when he talks about the Hebrew scriptures. The Hebrew meaning in words are often lost in English translation. The Hebrew is so deep, the English is flat and one dimensional in comparison. I am reading a book on the Hebrew Alphabet right now. I love it how the world keeps spinning because the Torah is being studied and the Hebrew alphabet keeps the world in existence.

    Am I correct in my understanding Moshe? I just love that!


    PS. Again, Astraea, your “deep breathing” is not Christian either and I have no clue what you are talking about. I’m quite certain you are New Age.

    • moshesharon

      I did not say anything about G-d’s ability to heal supernaturally. He can do whatever He desires. However, we are not allowed to sit by and do nothing while expecting Him to perform beyond nature miracles. The would be the epitome of arrogance.

    • moshesharon

      Each Hebrew letter is an iconic symbol which has deep meanings related to the shape, construct and sound. G-d created the world with His Divine speech and as such sum total of all knowledge of the universe is contained in the 22 Hebrew letters. Each letter also has a numerical value which gives deeper meaning to scripture when different words have the same numerical total and are therefore related. There is much more that I can explain in this short comment but you do have the right idea. I find your comment insightful.

      • sueliz1

        That is awesome. Truly. Look toward to learning more.

      • cybrsage

        Interestingly enough, I just saw a show which credits proto-Hebrew (the initial form Hebrew took, prior to the slow changes over time which resulted in the form we see today) as being the first letter based written language. Greek is based on Hebrew…Greek is credited as being the first to have vowels.

    • astraeagoddessofjustice

      I thought I was clear that deep breathing was not Christian. I read Rebirthing in the New Age by Leonard Orr which advocates rebirthing breathwork to resolve birth trauma. I have practiced deep breathing and was merely trying to share what I learned. I made the connection to “Ye must be born again in water and spirit (breath) to enter the Kingdom of Heaven,” as healing God’s curse on Eve and thereby mankind, which is my own Biblical interpretation based on my experience and reading. Deep breathing accesses the subconscious, the contents of which I explained above which subconsciously influence human behavior. Think of Eastern meditation which I understand involves breathwork.

  10. astraeagoddessofjustice

    Wikipedia says rebirthing breathwork “is currently a popular alternative treatment system in Israel.”

  11. sueliz1


    Moshe asked you not to speak about this stuff on his site. You may, however, visit my site and talk about it. I’m sure plenty of my readers will talk to you about it. I do think you should respect Moshe’s wishes.

  12. jadedfellow

    Dear Sir,

    You wrote,

    “We all live in a world of opposites and we each have a world of opposites living within us. Everything within the physical and spiritual worlds has its converse and a perpetual state of war exists between them.”

    Nothing can not exist within the contexts of the physical and spiritual parameters contained within your statement noted above. Nothing has no opposite since nothing is simply the total absense of something. If that be truth, then the only true state of peace, the lack of warfare, would require the complete existence of nothing.

    It just struck me odd that the use of the word nothing, which does not exist, would be used in this statement.

    “Without “same” there would be no opposite and without “opposite” nothing would be the same and everything would be the same as nothing.”

    I ask this simple question,

    What do you think?

    • moshesharon

      “Nothing has no opposite since nothing is simply the total absense of something.”

      This statement is non-sequitur since “nothing” and “something” are opposites in their respective definitions. Moreover, you cannot know what something is unless you can conceptually understand “nothing.” How would you know you have “something” unless you can predict that there would be nothing in its absence. Other than that, I have nothing to say, so I shall say, “nothing.” 🙂

      • jadedfellow

        Sure glad you came back and said something even if it was nothing.

        How can they be opposites if nothing is a something?

        I looked up the respective definitions, just so’z I would know something about nothing, and the noun use of nothing states, “something that does not exist”. The pronoun usage of something is defined as such, “some indeterminate or unspecified thing”.

        Therefore since nothing does not exist , even tho Websters claims it’s something, and something cannot be definitely ascertained, they ain’t as opposite as they are the same.

        I predict you iz proally scratchin your beard right about now wondering why iz this fella typing on my site. Well it’s quite simple (just like me huh), it’s something to do when I got nothing better to do than clean house. 😉

      • moshesharon

        There are some differing ideas with regard to “nothing” or “nothingness.” My point here, my friend, is that in plain obvious context, nothing is the opposite of something. It is not possible to understand something without having the concept of “nothing.” The definition of nothing that you quoted, “Something that does not exist;” makes no sense. If it never existed it was never something and therefore cannot be something that does not exist. However, if it once existed, like dinosaurs, and no longer exists, then such a definition is conceivable. However, since G-d always was, is now and shall always be, He is definitely exempt from this idea of non-existence, or nothing. Moreover, since He created everything from nothing with His Divine Speech, the statement that something is the opposite of nothing is true and correct because before creation every created thing was nothing.

  13. astraeagoddessofjustice

    So you have nothing to say even about your own blog post about opposites, but you don’t want to talk about something which meets ALL your above criteria for discussion as I commented which you deleted because you think it is promoting Christianity even when I say Christians have no idea what I’m talking about? Talk about post etiquette?!

    • moshesharon

      Lighten up Astraea, it was actually that I had nothing more to say about something versus nothing. It was merely a play on words. Anyway, Sue invited you to promote what ever you want on her site and I left your back link intact here to give the opportunity to anyone who wants to learn more about your philosophical deep breathing, which by itself may have great merit. However, when you attach Christian religion to it, as esoteric as it may be, you lose me. No offense intended, but this is not a forum for Christianity. I am also being careful not to proselytize Jewish belief beyond that which is universal. All modern religions do have some common ground. I used my best judgment to delete some of your comments that I deemed inappropriate for this forum. That is my right as you have the right to delete anything posted on your site at your pleasure. Peace.

  14. astraeagoddessofjustice

    Thanks for the explanation. I still believe everybody in the world could learn from rebirthing breathwork. I do not mean to be a pain in the A## But if you allow the forum in the first place I would like to speak on it. Redbirthing breathwork can be non-denominational but it would be intellectually dishonest of me to ignore John 3 which I believe as it explains rebirthing breathwork to me historically. I am not Christian; I am Pagan at best. I believe All religions are true, just not all good i.e. Father God religions. I was persuaded by your” Let’s talk about”: at the heading of your blog. So I thought I would be welcome here. And, of course, as you have shown, you are free to delete any comments. But I thought you would enjoy the debate as much as I. Offering the passage under discussion I thought would allow for debate. The Bible, Old Testament and New Testament, holds sway with people and I am trying to sway people. I believe rebirthing breathwork can save the planet. Eastern meditation can explain a lot about rebirthing breathwork. I don’t know about meditation because I can’t still my mind. But deep breathing I have found accesses the subconscious. The Old Testament talks about the curse on Eve (Judaism, discussion of which is permitted on this site). But the New Testament offers redemption as I see it.

    • moshesharon

      It’s a common mistake but the Jewish Bible is complete and never needed a new testament. The idea of redemption is in the Torah (Jewish Bible) and there are many prophecies that tell us of our future redemption with the Messiah. The Christian story is a belief that is foreign to Judaism and I can assure you that if you new the Hebrew Bible in its entirety you would conclude that there is nothing new in the new testament. The Torah has confession of sin and forgiveness and the idea of human sacrifice to atone for sin is abhorrent in the Torah and totally against’ G-d’s law. Having written this comment, I need to say again, I am not turning this blog into a religion debate.

      • astraeagoddessofjustice

        Alright already. Then let’s talk about rebirthing breathwork as self-help, healing artworks, book reviews, politics, philosophy, metaphysics, news, and hot topics.

      • cybrsage


        “It’s a common mistake but the Jewish Bible is complete and never needed a new testament.”

        Does this mean it also does not need the Talmud or the Mishneh Torah? The Tanakh is complete already? I know most Jews say the Tanakh is complete, but then also say the Talmud or Mishneh Torah is also required knowledge…which means the Tanakh is not complete.

        Or am I missing something? If so, let me know!

      • moshesharon

        The Talmud, Mishnah, Tannach, Zohar, Aggada, Midrash, Tanya and all of the commentaries of all of the sages are all components of the Torah (Hebrew Bible).

  15. astraeagoddessofjustice

    Thank you.

    * Self Help – I say deep breathing is self-help. It resolves birth trauma (fear of death in the birth process projected onto women and reproductive organs and acting like a survival instinct though actually threatening survival) and repressed psychology (which also subconsciously influences human behavior), and you don’t need a guru or doctor to do it.

    * Healing Arts – I say deep breathing and/or rebirthing are healing arts. See above.

    * Book Reviews – I say The Trauma of Birth by Otto Rank and Rebirthing in the New Age by Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray are background information for deep breathing.

    * Politics – I say patriarchy (the part of God’s curse on Eve that imposes rule over women by their husbands) and sexism (which is how birth trauma, as the part of God’s curse on Eve that imposes pain in childbirth, expresses in human behavior) are urgent political issues. See . Deep breathing resolves those mindsets.

    * Philosophy – I say deep breathing “explore[s] the inner dimensions of our minds to reach the outer limits of our thoughts, discern truth from fiction and find the outer limits of logic.” Moshe’s words in quotes.

    * Metaphysics – Moshe says “We’ll explore fundamental notions by which we try to understand the world, like existence, free will, space, time, causality and possibility.” – I say that’s what deep breathing teaches – the nature of oneself and the universe.

    * News – I say rebirthing is news to most people.

    * Hot Topics – I say rebirthing is a hot topic because it can change human nature from destructive to loving.

  16. astraeagoddessofjustice

    Hey! It looks like it’s just you and me. What about we talk about religion now? I agree that injecting human sacrifice into religion injects death into religious practice. But war, genocide, and economic war such as world is undergoing now did start in Genesis. Tell me where redemption and forgiveness are in the Torah.

    • moshesharon

      Redemption and forgiveness is all throughout the Bible. You can find all of the references using Google. Good hunting.

    • moshesharon

      It looks like a legitimate article, but the Rabbi didn’t actually say when Messiah is going to arrive. Some of the time lines in Bible point to 2012 (5772) as the year that Armageddon is suppose to begin. By all counts, certainly we are in the end of days. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. On the other hand, I’m still paying my rent and utility bills and looking forward to my daughters launching their careers after college.

  17. cybrsage

    One thing of note is that men ruling over women is not domination, but rather being the leader. In any good decision making group which relies on a democratic vote, the group is always comprised of an odd number of people. This is so that there is never a tie. In a marriage, the group is an even number of people.

    When a tie arises in a decision, someone has to be empowered to make the final choice and move forward. G-d has given that role to men. It is not just the authourity, but also the responsibility for the results which men have been given.

    Many men have abdicated their position…and many other have kept the authority but deny the responsibility for the results.

    As men, we are to rule over our women…but in the same way G-d rules over us. With love, compassion, and the desire to provide comfort and care…as well as ensure the spiritual life is properly maintained.

    • moshesharon

      Do you really think that men have G-d-like power over to rule over their wives? Do you think that there are any women out there who will accept such a relationship? So what if your wife doesn’t agree with your decision and insists that you’re making a mistake and are about to ruin both your lives? What is it going to be, your way or the highway? You are taking Genesis 3:16 out of context as an excuse to be arrogant and overbearing in a relationship and would undoubtedly meet with abject failure and being miserable (G-d forbid). The statement, “. . .And he shall rule over you. . .” was describing the coming difficulty in laboring for food. The women would have to depend on their husbands for sustenance for time until the curse of the ground would be lifted. G-d eventually lifted the curse and it became easier to grow food, so the female dependency became much less. Additionally, the study of Torah and keeping G-d’s commandments would restore the women to being the “Crown of her husband” and the “Pearl of his life” (Proverbs 12:4, 31:10)

      • cybrsage

        Yes and no…men have positional authority over their wives. When a choice MUST be made and the wife and husband each have a different choice, who gets the final say? Any man would be an idiot if he did not consult his wife…many mistakes can be prevented this way. But when a choice must be made, who makes it? This needs to be known in advance…and G-d did just that, He placed man in the leadership position.

        As for G-d like power, definately not. G-d never makes mistakes and He does not need us to give Him advice. If our choice is not the same as His, we are in the wrong automatically.

        You need to calm yourself, you are inventing things I did not even imply and then arguing I am wrong for saying them. I did not say men should be overbearing…unless you are claiming G-d is overbearing with His relationship to us, seeing as I described our leadership role in such a way. I assume you are not saying God is arrogant and overbearing, so I have to wonder why you would add that to my claim.

        As for “rule over” meaning “depend upon”, I am sure G-d would have said depend upon if that is really what He meant. He said to rule over…and I can only conclude that G-d means what He says. You may think G-d does not mean what He ways, but that is between you and G-d.

        Now, to rule over does not mean to grind down with your heel or to denigrate. It simply means to rule over. A beneficant ruler is still some who rules over. G-d rules over us and I do not consider it be to a bad thing.

        So to sum up:

        Man is to rule over his wife, meaning he is to be the leader of the family. The decisions the family comes to must pass through him and the results (good or ill) are his responsibility. A good leader seeks input to prevent mistakes (this is where man’s rulership falls from G-d’s rulership – H does not need our input because He does not make mistakes), but in the end, someone has to make the final decision for the family. G-d gave that role to men, who are to use it wisely and in a way that glorifies G-d.

      • moshesharon

        Sorry, but for a husband to say “I rule over my wife;” it is an arrogant statement, no matter how one tries to sugar coat it, because as you said, if there is any disagreement, in that fiefdom the husband’s word is law. That does not make for a successful relationship. Successful marriages are equal partnerships and under G-d’s Law, husbands are required to make their wives happy and to honor them. Wives also have dominion over the home and are in charge of family purity and the education of their children. Men are in charge of spiritual matters, but their wives are required to “kick” them out of their houses to go to Shul and pray with a Minyan if the husbands are not leaving in a timely manner.

        Regarding the Torah interpretation, of Genesis 3:16, I should have told you that it wasn’t mine, but came from Rav Hirsch (Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch of blessed memory) a highly respected and an often quoted Torah commentator. The marital relationship according to the Torah is described in many other places in the Hebrew Bible besides the two citations from Proverbs. There is also Genesis 21:12 “. . .G-d said to Abraham, ‘be not distressed over the youth or your slave-woman [Hagar]: whatever Sarah tells you, heed her voice. . .” In this verse the Torah shows us that Sarah’s level of prophecy was greater than Abraham’s at that point. The marriage between Sarah and Abraham was not him ruling over her. She clearly had the mantle of leadership in many things. This was clearly a partnership and a model marriage for all of us to follow. If you choose to be myopic in your view of Torah and disregard the sages who gave us the key to understand many of its mysteries, you will mislead yourself down the wrong road (G-d forbid).

      • sueliz1

        😉 As a woman, thanks Moshe.

  18. astraeagoddessofjustice

    Hi, cybrsage and Moshe.

    Archeology and ancient religious records attest to a higher in society position of women before the patriarchal takeover on Earth. The husband’s rule over his wife is part of G-d’s curse on Eve for listening to the serpent even though she was a rib in the King James Version when G-d told Adam not to eat the fruit, and for tempting Adam. Adam was cursed with having to work the land for listening to Eve. So, for women, rule by husbands is a curse, not a blessing. So-called mythology proves the Biblical G-d cast the Mother Goddess out of power and demonized Her worship as the Queen of Heaven.

    Humans must specifically ask for forgiveness as the curse is passed on through DNA.

    • moshesharon

      Astraea, I believe in free expression of ideas and comments, but if you just make things up as you go along, no one will take you seriously. What is your source for the “Archeology and ancient religious records.” Who are the archeologists and to what ancient religion are you referring? Also the King Jame’s bible version is a translation in antiquated English and not a reliable source of Biblical truth. Since when does pagan mythology prove anything? Where did you get such nonsense about a mother goddess being cast out of power and demonized?

      Finally, the only thing for which humans must ask forgiveness is their own behavior. Are you feeling okay? Maybe you should have someone check your tap water.

    • cybrsage

      “Humans must specifically ask for forgiveness as the curse is passed on through DNA.”

      Actually, this is patently untrue. Humans are one of the few creatures on Earth who do not pass on information genetically. Most creatures do, humans are one of the exceptions.

      Every human is born with the ability to follow all 613 laws…we all start with the ability to be perfect. The problem is that, from the moment we are born, we are taught to sin. We see it all around us, our parents teach us to sin without even realizing it. That little white lie? Yeah, it is a lie. The sun is ALMOST down…close enough, lets go out to eat. On and on. We are taught to sin by those who love us the most.

      Moshe and I are debating the rule thing…and all in all I think we just have a misunderstanding over the use of the phrase. But I certainly do not think it was a curse, it was simply G-d saying that man would have to accept both authority and responsibility for the decisions made in a marriage. Done properly, with love and respect for each other, it is a wonderful blessing…as is everything G-d has given and done.

  19. cybrsage


    If a decision has to be made in a marriage, and the husband has one view while the wife holds the other, which decision is accepted? I cannot be both, and neither is not an option. Who decides what the family will do?

    Should we cast purim for it, or should someone be previously selected as the person who decides when the choice is not unanimous?

    Someone has to make the final choice, someone has to step up and say “since we cannot decide, this is what we will do”, someone has to lead – and a leader is also a ruler…and a ruler rules (just like a baker bakes).

    • moshesharon

      Well, Cybrsage, it really depends what’s being decided. If you think you can find a woman who will be that submissive, good luck! However, for me, if I tried to use that line of reasoning with my wife to get her to go along with my choice every time we can’t agree on something, I’d have to wait an hour for her to stop laughing long enough to respond. If there is a deadlock on any issue we go to our Rabbi to help us work it through. Unless there is a Halachic issue, we always settle the dispute with compromise. If the Rabbi poskins Halacha then one who was mistaken has to give in. There is also a strong desire for each of us to make the other one happy. If you want to try the “Man rules over woman” approach, go ahead. Let me know how that works out for you.

      • cybrsage

        Yeah, the more we talked the more I determined we agreed, just came at it from different sides. A fully submissive woman is not one either of us would want. Dull, boring, and rather useless as a help mate. Compromise is the key, and the decision to ask a Rabbi to intermediate is a great choice.

        A good woman is far better than gold and gems, and should be treated as such…so sexism here, other than that intrinsic in the biological differences…we are not the same, so we should be treated the same…we each have our needs respective to our genders.

        The items I am referring to are things like “The furnace broke, it needs fixed or replaced. Fixing is cheaper but, like all old things, will need to be fixed repeatedly, so replacing is preferred. They will go into debt to replace. Wife says to fix (randomly chosen choice selection for use in the discussion), husband says to replace.” Both have good, solid, reasons for their choices. Something must be done, which choice is acted upon? After several discussions, they are no closer to the decision. Do they go to the Rabbi and ask him what you should do?

        Someone must be empowered to make the final decision in such a case…and that person also must accept the consequences of that decision. My understanding is that the husband must decide. Does he always select his own choice? That would be foolish…but whichever he decides, the consequences are for him to bear. If he decides to fix and then another break happens, that is his fault even though he selected her choice.

        Man ruling over woman does not mean he is an ogre who always forces his way even if another way is better. In most cases, the selection is not important, so why quibble at all over it.

      • moshesharon

        Let common sense prevail with G-d’s help. 🙂

  20. astraeagoddessofjustice

    Greek and Roman mythology are ancient religious records replete with Goddesses. In the Bible, there is only the plaint of Jeremiah 44 referring to worship of the Queen of Heaven, for which G-d condemns the worshipers. See Dictionary of Classical Mythology by J.E. Zimmerman; The Women’s History of the World by Rosalind Miles; The Greek Myths I and II by Robert Graves; The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker; Right Use of Will series by CeAnne DeRohan; etc.

    Do humans generally worship the Mother Goddess today? That is cast out of power. For example, Astraea Goddess of Justice was placed in the constellation Virgo because she was so distraught by mankind’s wickedness (Zimmerman), removing Her authority from Earth.

    As for needing forgiveness for sins of Adam and Eve inherited by mankind (Do not men still blame womankind for Eve’s transgression? Maybe that’s just Christianity, though), Exodus 34:7 Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.

    • moshesharon

      If you believe in Greek and Roman paganism, that’s your choice, but you seem to have paganism, Christianity, Judaism and history all jumbled up, so it’s a bit confusing trying to follow your line of reasoning.

    • cybrsage

      Mythology is filled with many things we all know are untrue…hence why they are myths. The goddesses mentioned are not real goddesses, they are false goddesses. There is only one godlike being, and that is the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…and me. Over time, people realized they were worshipping the creation of their own hands instead of their own creator, and that worship has slowly died away…mostly replaced by the worship of consumer goods in an indirectly manner.

      Most Christianity does have it wrong. It misunderstands the original sin and claims it is passed on to our offspring…but then forgets that this means Jesus would have inherited it as well, since he was 100% man and 100% G-d simultaneously, according to Christianity. Not to get into a discussion of another religion here, but just to let you know they do have it wrong…mostly due to removing the Jewishness of the Tanakh and therefor not really understanding it completely. For example, a baby who dies moments after birth is not doomed to Hell, but if it is born with sin it has no choice but to go to Hell according to most Christianity.

      But enough of Christianity, discussions about it are meant for other boards.

  21. cybrsage

    As a note on your original post, Moshe, you are quite right. Doctors should not say there is no more that can be done, but rather there is no more THEY can do.

  22. astraeagoddessofjustice

    cybrsage: “Humans are one of the few creatures on Earth who do not pass on information genetically.” Sorry, but that is not true. See that DNA is influenced by Words.

    John 1:1 “In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was G-d.” Words, thoughts, and emotions have energy to create reality including illness and behavior. See Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay: Psychology influences health. And psychology influences DNA. So, of course, psychological DNA information is inherited. We are all Words made flesh.

    cybrsage: “But I certainly do not think it was a curse, it was simply G-d saying that man would have to accept both authority and responsibility for the decisions made in a marriage.” Who knows how decisions were made when women were respected as made in the image of the Mother Goddess? I, for one, would rather have women running Earth than warmongers destroying the planet.

    As for a curse, it was a curse literally imposed on mankind through Eve as a curse by G-d. It was not meant as a blessing. (Adam, the serpent, and the Earth are also cursed). Gen. 3:14-17. Because humans have both male and female as parents, both Eve’s and Adam’s curses are upon both genders until specifically forgiven.

    Paganism, Judaism, and Christianity are just different points in the timeline of human thought.

    • moshesharon

      “Paganism, Judaism, and Christianity are just different points in the timeline of human thought.”

      It’s not quite that simple. Each has very different origins and codes of ethics. Pagan societies were barbaric, cruel and hedonistic. The Medieval Church of Rome slaughtered millions of Jews and Muslims in the name of JC with their inquisitions and crusades. The Jews brought kindness and charity into the world, introduced financial systems, public health and have made a disproportionally higher number scientific contributions to the world than any other nation. Judaism, additionally is a national identity and not a man-made religion.

      Regards your comments about DNA, I have to say as respectfully that I can that it’s utter nonsense. DNA is the foundation that determines who we are. Thinking doesn’t have any effect on DNA, no more than you can change the foundation of your house by sweeping your floor with a broom.

      • sueliz1

        You said:
        The Medieval Church of Rome slaughtered millions of Jews and Muslims in the name of JC with their inquisitions and crusades

        My comment:
        Yup. That is all true. I left Catholicism partly because of those reasons. Christians were also murdered, those who refused to become Catholic.

    • moshesharon

      Deep breathing is fine as long as you don’t hyperventilate.

      • sueliz1

        That was hilarious. I did LOL

    • cybrsage

      All religions cannot be true. Here is an easy example:

      Islam says G-d has no Son. Christianity says G-d has a Son. The two are diametrically opposed…G-d either has a Son or He does not. At least one is wrong. Both may be wrong, but both cannot be right.

  23. cybrsage

    Well, the Jews (Israelites at the time) did bring slaughter to a LOT of people who were living in the land G-d promised them. But everything else you said is true. I also just recently learned that several Greek letters were actually taken from Hebrew (ancient Hebrew)…the Delta is the ancient Dalet. Pretty cool.

    The mind can make you sick or help heal you, certainly, but it cannot change your DNA. If it could, millions of criminals would alter their DNA to escape punishment.

    • moshesharon

      Those wars were fought at HaShem’s behest. He told our ancestors to drive out the occupants who were sacrificing their children to idols. Nonetheless, there were rules of engagement. The soldiers would approach a city and give the occupants a chance to leave the land of Israel. Some of the Canaanites were allowed to remain in their homes and live in the Holy Land. Even in the middle of their wars the Jews remained Holy and obeyed G-d’s Torah.

      • cybrsage

        Oh, I agree. I was not condemning their action, just stating that it was genocide. G-d told them to do it, and even if you use human reasoning it makes a lot of sense. If they did not wipe out those who lived there, the decendants of those who lived will never stop trying to take back the land.

        We see it today with the Palestinian interlopers.

    • moshesharon

      I didn’t condemn anyone. Paganism is dead and most Christians today live respectable lives and give generously to those in need. What you posted on my blog was false, antisemitic and abusive. There was a lot of hatefulness in your tone. And FYI the Rothschild’s don’t have any power over the Federal Reserve. They have given more money away to charitable causes in one year than most of us would see in a life-time.

    • moshesharon

      Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can kill me.

  24. astraeagoddessofjustice

    Thanks for the forgiveness. I’m sorry, I don’t take other people’s religious views personally even when I oppose them. So, I am sometimes insensitive to people who take their own views seriously. I believe politics, religion, and human psychology are about the only topics of conversation worth talking about, even though I have heard the cliche that politics and religion are taboo subjects in “polite society” (I believe that’s because the powers that be don’t like the masses talking about what the powers that be are doing to the masses). And I enjoy vigorous debate. I am always focused on what I believe are solutions to the world’s problems IMHO. For example, Abolition of Work by Bob Black and Abolish Money by Galen’s Rant 2007 archive. Googleable.

  25. astraeagoddessofjustice

    Can I say the Federal Reserve prints money out of thin air or computer entry, loans it to the government at principal plus interest, and it is repaid out of taxpayers’ earnings?

    • moshesharon

      You can say anything you want about the Federal Reserve. Just don’t blame it on the Jews.

  26. astraeagoddessofjustice

    When does US prosecute outsourcers, bankers, and government for Treason = War v US = Wars on Drugs, Terror, Women, Middle East, Middle Class, Poor?

  27. cybrsage

    I wish Jews controlled all the money…I would not have my house payment to worry about each month. 🙂

    • moshesharon

      Are you saying that you would borrow money on your house with the intent of not repaying it?

      • cybrsage

        No, I mean that (as a Jew) I would not need to borrow the money for a house. With only a few million Jews and many trillions of dollars, we would all have several billion dollars each. 🙂

  28. astraeagoddessofjustice

    It was a rhetorical question: When does US prosecute outsourcers, bankers, and government for Treason = War v US = Wars on Drugs, Terror, Women, Middle East, Middle Class, Poor?

    Moshe said we could talk politics on this site. I believe we need to prosecute bankers for ARMs & CDSs & MBSs, and government for Wars v US, and Corporations for Outsourcing = Economic War v US like started American Revolution.

    Moshe asks: Are you saying that you would borrow money on your house with the intent of not repaying it? No, I’m saying corporate wage stagnation coupled with Adjustable Rate Mortgages is evidence of fraudulent mortgage contracts and conspiracy by government changing the law, corporations outsourcing good paying jobs leading to unemployment and fraudulent and even “legitimate” foreclosures.

    • cybrsage

      When you prosecute someone, you have to show they broke a law. Providing an Adjustable Rate Mortgagte is not a crime. Making products in a nation other than the US is not a crime.

    • moshesharon

      We have due process in this country, which means that the burden of proof is on the accuser.

  29. astraeagoddessofjustice

    It’s all in the news: government passed laws encouraging outsourcing; corporations are outsourcing; banks are foreclosing. Millions are jobless and homeless. Haven’t you heard?

  30. astraeagoddessofjustice

    Banks are knowingly fraudulently foreclosing and fraudulently recording mortgages and fraudulently selling Mortgage Backed Securities multiple times. Haven’t you read? In cahoots with corporations knowingly making Congress pass laws to allow corporations to knowingly outsource knowingly leading to unemployment knowingly leading to foreclosure, that is a conspiracy. “Knowingly” is a legal term of guilt.

    • cybrsage

      When you prosecute someone, you have to show they broke a law. Forclosing on a home when the homeowner violated the mortgage contract is not a crime.

      • moshesharon

        This is where fuzzy logic comes into play. The lines between legality and morality are often blurred. Causing homelessness with foreclosure may be a legitimate legal action, but no one can say that it lacks compassion and kindness.

  31. astraeagoddessofjustice

    Oh, I forgot another level of the conspiracy: Taxpayer bank bailouts with no conditions, no investigation, and no prosecutions.

  32. astraeagoddessofjustice

    If you watch Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC, he reports that some people were foreclosed when they were current on their payments, that some contracts were deceptive or fraudulent with intent to cause default, that banks refused to modify loans in good faith, or modified and foreclosed anyway, evincing a pattern of fraud. He has been covering this story for weeks. He also reports on companies outsourcing to enable “legitimate” foreclosures.

  33. All wars are Wars of Satan v Mother Goddess of Creation since War in Heaven spawned Father God warriors of Islamo-Christo-Judaism.

    • moshesharon

      Are you sure you’re not referring to Mother Goose?

      • cybrsage

        I like mother goose, she tells great stories…AND sells aflac insurance on the side. 🙂

    • moshesharon

      Speaking of mental illness, it’s time for your medication.

    • cybrsage

      Actually, the three major religions you list as one cannot be culled together into one religion. There are two many differences. For example, Islam says Mohammed is a true profit, and the last one. Both Christianity and Judaism say he is a false profit. Christianity says Y’shua is the Son of God and the Messiah, both Islam and Judaism say He is not. Since these are the foundation points of the respective religions, it is impossible to claim the three are the same. It is not even correct to say “Judeo-Christian Values”, since there are some major core values in Judaism that most of Christianity says is wrong.

      Also, as an aside, more people have died in secular based wars than in relgious wars. Figured you might not realize it.

      • moshesharon

        You are right that there is no such thing as “Judao-Christian values.” To be precise the only contention that Christians have against Jews is that we reject the claim that JC was the Jewish Messiah and we reject the worship of their man-god. Many Christians still claim that we killed JC and that G-d rejected us for that reason and that the Christians are the new chosen people and we are damned to Hell forever unless we convert and join the “new covenant.” The Jewish response is that this is utter rubbish. For the most part American Christians are kind, decent, generous and law-abiding. We American Jews have been living peacefully with mutual tolerance and our sons and daughters serve side-by-side in the armed forces to protect the American way of life. Let’s not forget that and let’s not allow ourselves to be derailed by a few malcontent nut-jobs who have nothing better to do than try to cause dissension.

  34. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism all worship a monotheistic father g-d with no mother goddess. Prophets (not “profits” sic) are regional differences and details that don’t dispute that original premise. I do.

    And Mother Goose is possibly Pagan code for the Mother Goddess earlier in the Christian Era during fear of witch burning.

    Secular wars are still based on a religious mentality that condones war. That’s why there are “conscientious objectors”.

    You can call me crazy (which is anti-Pagan, but I forgive you, too, so now we’re even!), but I still won’t worship a g-d of death, war, genocide, misogyny, money, and pedophilia. I believe, but I won’t worship.

    Destroying the Earth for money is mental illness, no matter what you say.

    • moshesharon

      I never told you or anyone else who or what to worship. Forgive my sarcasm, but you do tend to get a little intense with your stuff about pagan gods. This is not the appropriate forum for it.

  35. Also google Abraham and Islam. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism are all based on Judaism and the destruction of Goddess worship. Judaism is by, of, and for Jews. Islam and Christianity are by and of Jews for Gentiles. Hence, I say, Islamo-Christo-Judaism.

  36. elisabbath

    “God cursed mankind with birth trauma (and patriarchy) when He cursed Eve with sorrow in childbirth (and rule by husband).”

    Actually Genesis 3:16 says: “To the woman He said, ‘I will greatly increase your suffering and your child bearing; in pain shall you bear children. Yet your craving shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you.’” = thank you moshe, *well said* 🙂 i would like to explore more on this site, i feel like your special knowledge of healing and spirituality would benefit my mother. will look for you book on amazon unless it benefits you more to order here.

    • moshesharon

      Thank you Elisabbath. If you would like to order my book, just click the icon on my front page and then the link will bring directly to Amazon order page for my book. I shall pray for your mother’s speedy recovery.

  37. Dear Elisabbath

    “God cursed mankind with birth trauma (and patriarchy) when He cursed Eve with sorrow in childbirth (and rule by husband).”

    Actually Genesis 3:16 says: “To the woman He said, ‘I will greatly increase your suffering and your child bearing; in pain shall you bear children [= birth trauma] . Yet your craving shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you.’ [= rule by husband i.e. patriarchy] ” = thank you moshe, *well said* – That is a quote, with my clarifications, from the Bible to which I was referring, not Moshe’s.

    Moshe says: “I never told you or anyone else who or what to worship. Forgive my sarcasm, but you do tend to get a little intense with your stuff about pagan gods. This is not the appropriate forum for it.”

    Judaism destroyed Goddess worship in the wider world via Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. I’m talking about Judaism which you say above is okay to talk about on this site.

    What can I talk about? Nothing worth talking about? Japan and the Gulf of Mexico are proof we need to return to worship of Mother Earth, Gaia, before we destroy the planet. Pardon me if I’m intense about destruction of the planet.

    • cybrsage

      astraeagoddessofjustice says “Judaism destroyed Goddess worship in the wider world via Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. I’m talking about Judaism which you say above is okay to talk about on this site”

      Islam did not spring from Judaism. Initially, Christianity was a sect of Judaism, but Constantine (leader of Rome) so vastly altered it in his attempt to destroy Judaism that is it almost nothing like its original form these days. Islam…well, Islam is not related to Judaism or Christianity. It even claims a comletely different lineage…Ishmael vice Isaac. Islam then went on to copy much of Judaism and (IMO) pervert it. It is quite wrong to claim Judaism is the source of Islam.

      Just a note of correction. Take if for just that, not an attack, just do not want to see you continue to spread misinformation due to not knowing the truth yourself.

    • moshesharon

      When you comment on a blog subject to moderation and the owner chooses not to publish your remarks it’s not censorship because posting on someone else’s blog is not a right. The blog owner has the absolute right to approve or trash the post. In the case of your last four posts, I deemed it in appropriate and irrelevant and so I chose to delete them.

  38. Cybrsage says: Islam then went on to copy much of Judaism and (IMO) pervert it. It is quite wrong to claim Judaism is the source of Islam.

    How can Islam copy much of Judaism and yet not be the source of Islam? Islamo-Christo-Judaism traces back to Abraham from Judaism. So how is Judaism not the source of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism?

    • moshesharon

      I think the issue is whether Islam and Christianity evolved from Judaism and nothing could be further from the truth. The descendants of Ishmael went their own way. Judaism did not exist as such in Abraham’s time and Ishmael and Isaac were both sons of Abraham of the same generation, so the Arab and Jewish nations arose simultaneously. The Christianity came into being as a religion among the Romans, who were the descendants of Esau. They hated the Jews and ultimately tried to wipe all memory of Judaism from the earth. Nothwithstanding that the Romans deified a dead Jew whom they had executed, the Jews had nothing to do with the rise of this religion and became its antithesis. Therefore, Cybersage is correct in saying that it is wrong to claim that Judaism is the source of these two other religions. Judaism did not become something else; after 3,500 years it is still Judaism with the same language, culture and core beliefs. We are not responsible for the rise of any other belief systems.

  39. cybrsage

    The reason why Judaism is not the source for Islam is because there are two different gods being worshipped in the two religions. Since the foundation of a religion comes from a god, when two religions have different gods then one cannot be the source of the other. Allah is not El, for El did not have a prophet called Mohammed while Allah did. I realize that both El and Allah mean God in their respective languages, but it is simpler to use these terms to prevent confusion.

    Originally, Christianity was MUCH MUCH more like Judaism, prior to Constantine radically altering it. Christianity initially started out as a slightly (compared to modern Christianity) modified version of Judaism…more of a sect than a new religion. It was comparible to what the messianic Lubavitchers of today are like. TFirst century Christianity was Torah observant with the only real difference between mainstream judaism and them was that they felt Jesus was/is the promised Messiah. Messianic Lubavitchers are the modern equivalent.

    Judaism has undergone its own changes over time as well. It is only right that, as we better understand the Torah we adapt ourselves to this better understanding. Torah has not changed, we simply know more about it. For example, at one time there was a large group called the Sadducees. They had different dates for some celebrations, did not believe the Oral Law was given by God, and thought there would be no resurrection of the dead. They were driven out of the synagogues by changes to the 18/19 blessing/prayers said in the synagogues and eventually vanished. The Essenes aer another sect of Judaism that vanished.

    There are currently several different version of Judaism (each with its own subdivisions), being the Ultra-othodox, Orthodox, Conservative, Reformed, Messianic Yeshua(much debate still on whether this is form of Judaism or Christianity – outside the scope of this discussion), Messianic Lubavitcher (again, same debate as to whether this is still Judaism), and a few others. There is even the Beta Israel and the Falasha Mura (again, still much debate about if this is Judaism).

    So really, one cannot say there is only one set of core beliefs. In reality, there are many. Though I will say they form into three distinct groups…Those who believe in the Oral Law, Those who do not believe in the Oral Law, and Those who believe the Messiah has come (be that person Yeshua or Schneerson). All other differences are pretty minor in nature…basically arguing over what color the curtains will be in Paradise.

    • moshesharon

      Thank you for you intelligent presentation. However, I must clarify regarding Lubavitch Chassidim. While there are a few fringe Meshachists who claim that the Lubavitcher Rebbe is Mashiach, most of us know that is not possible in present terms because the Rebbe passed away and we are still living in a world at war, with disease and famine all over the globe and no third Temple. So obviously Mashiach has not yet made himself known. The Rebbe Menachem Schneerson, never said he was, although most of us cannot refute the claim that if anyone was qualified for the job it was him. However, the Rebbe did tell us that we are the generation of redemption, so the time is near at hand, as far as I am concerned. Let’s be clear that there is absolutely no comparison between the Lubavitcher Rebbe and this JC from 2,000 years ago. For one thing the Rebbe never claimed to be anything other than a leader who unconditionally loved every Jew and showed tremendous kindness and respect toward all people. He made predictions and was never wrong. He was truly the leader of our generation.

      • cybrsage

        Sorry for presenting that wrong, I know most do not think he is the messiah, and that just some do. I should have been more clear about that. You are also right that he never overtly claimed to be the messiah, though he also did not (afaik) say he was not the messiah when people addressed him as such.

        I am still learning (and will be for a LONG time, if God is gracious to me and gives me a long time), so thank you for your corrections!

      • moshesharon

        While it’s true that the Rebbe did not deny it when the Lubavitch delegation met and declared him to be Mashiach, he could not because he really did not know whether he was or not. The prophecies tell us that the Mashiach will not know that he is the anointed one until the appointed time, which only G-d knows. Therefore, the Lubavitcher Rebbe could neither confirm nor deny the declarations of others. However, shortly before his passing he told us, “I have done all I could [to hasten the time of Mashiach], now the rest is up to you.” This was a revelation he shared telling us that the time of Mashiach would not happen during his lifetime.

        BTW, your avatar seems to be the image of an angel. May I suggest changing that to something that does not put forward a forbidden image according to the first commandment? I don’t know if computer images actual qualify as such because they are formed from binary code, but it does seem an uneccesary risk, just in case it might be offensive to HaShem.

  40. Well, no. Islam is worse for women than Christianity or Judaism, although all three hate women. Worship Mother Goddess/Earth.

    • moshesharon

      Your statement that Judaism is unfavorable to women is false. You are at best misinformed.

      • fightinghate

        I am used to [Islamic extremists or “aryan”] bigots lying on Judaism, see (old page):

        The TRUTH About the Holy Beautiful Ethical Great Talmud

  41. I understand that Orthodox Jews have menstrual taboos and segregate men from women in synagogues.

    • moshesharon

      Obviously you have heard some things about Orthodox Jews, but in truth you understand nothing. Prejudice is always born in ignorance. People often treat foreign cultures with disdain simply because they are different.

    • cybrsage

      Of course they do, and the reasonings behind the rules are good. Men and women are either married and tend to talk to each other during services, or are unmarried and tend to unconsciously flirt with each other during services. Seperating the sexes is for everyone’s benefit as it frees people to worship God more fully.

      Menstrual issues are due to the woman having the free flow of blood from her body. Blood has religious meanings to many religions.

      Judaism has always been well ahead of other groups wrt how to treat women. The purpose of The Law is to show us what sin is. The commands are to tell us what to do to not sin, what to do it be more holy, more pure, more pleasing to God. Men have more commands they must follow than woman have. This can only be due to women not needing as many command to make them more holy…which means women START holier than men…more pure than men. Add to it that each time God created the next group of life, He made them better, more able, etc. He created woman after man, and only when woman was created was man complete. Woman is, again, holier and better than men. All in the spiritual realm, of course.

      There was a brief time (a few hundred years out of the thousands) where women were not allowed to study Torah, but that time is over again.

  42. astraeagoddessofjustice

    Google Koran and Mary to see more of Jewish influence on Islam. (Jewish influence on Christianity is indisputably obvious.) Must not Orthodox Jewish women shave their heads (sexual power like Samson and Delilah) upon marriage and wear wigs in synagogue thereafter?

    • moshesharon

      Judaism is older than Christianity and Islam and so we can all see that those who started those new religions borrowed a lot from Judaism. Then again, so what? Regarding your question I answered this in the response to your first of the three latest comments.

  43. astraeagoddessofjustice

    I’m sorry but the more I think about it the more I realize women shaving their heads to marry is woman-hatred. Argue your best to refute me. I dare you.

    • moshesharon

      When you dare someone to argue with you to refute you, that is a clear sign that you are not so sure of yourself. You are looking in from outside an esoteric culture within Judaism and making a personal judgment about the the norms within that culture imposing your own ideas about what is acceptable to you. First let us distinguish fact from hyperbole. There are no instances in the Jewish communities whereby men force their wives to shave their heads. In some ultra-Orthodox communities there is the belief that a married woman must keep her hair short to avoid entanglements during the post menses ritual bathing for purification which would prevent her from achieving the goal of family purity. This is a matter of how the leaders of those communities interpret G-d’s laws for practical application. This is a high level of spirituality, whereby a woman chooses to sacrifice one aspect of physical beauty (the hair) in order to make extra certain to achieve the spiritual purity needed to engage in marital relations strictly according to G-d’s laws. The short hair is more like a badge of honor that promotes self-esteem and respect from others. Additionally, no one ever sees the woman’s hair because she always wears a wig or head covering in public. A married woman’s bare head exposed publicly in these cultures is considered nudity, which is unthinkable. I understand that shaving a woman’s head by force is a terrible act of degradation and if such were the case this would be a manifestation of hatred of women and there are some Muslim sub cultures that promote even worse acts of hatred such as mutilating the genitalia of young woman to prevent sexual pleasure during copulation. Therefore, there is nothing to refute in your challenge because your statement is based on ignorance, However, by explaining these distinctions it was my hope that you would begin to understand that Jewish observance is Holy and regarding the women it is based on the fact that women are holier than men.

  44. cybrsage

    American women shave their legs and under arms. Is America a woman hating culture? No, of course not. A woman is free to not shave her legs and under arms. Women in America shave them voluntarily. Men in America shave their faces. Is America a man hating culture? No of course not, a man is free to shave his face

    Most Jewish women do not shave their heads prior to marriage. Those who do shave their heads do so voluntarily. Is Judaism a woman hating culture? No, of course not, a woman is free to not shave her head (and most do not and never did).

    If anything, Judaism is a woman loving culture. Judaism feels women are holier than men (God gave them fewer rules they need to follow to be sanctified). Judaism, traditionally, has also required women to be taught to both read and write (short period in the middle ages notwithstanding) so they could better understand the Word of God and follow it. No culture which both wants the women to be educated and views women as holier than men can be a woman hating culture.

  45. astraeagoddessofjustice

    A g-d which requires women shaving their heads of the hair and sexual appeal He gave them is a woman-hating g-d. That’s why my argument always gets back to Goddess worship. Both you and cybrsage, as men, excuse a “few hundred years of sexism” which I say reveals the “covert” woman-hating basis and inherent nature of father g-d religions. Justify it any you want; it is woman-hatred, just like circumcision and veils.

    And a g-d which imposes menstrual taboos is a woman-hating g-d. And a g-d who opposes women reading His own books is a woman-hating g-d.

    Read Right Use of Will series by CeAnne DeRohan.

    As for fewer rules for women to follow; they have a smaller realm of existence to regulate.

    Father g-d religions are all about control of women and destruction of Goddess worship.

    I believe women should homeschool and then run the world in politics.

    • moshesharon

      Astra: A g-d which requires women shaving their heads of the hair and sexual appeal He gave them is a woman-hating g-d

      Moshe: Utter nonsense. G-d doesn’t require that women shave their heads. The Torah says that a woman’s hair is the crown of her husband. Sex appeal is a fact of life, without which there would be no children. Get over it.

      Astra: That’s why my argument always gets back to Goddess worship.

      Moshe: Well, you call yourself a goddess. I suppose you want everybody to worship you. I rest my case.

      Astra: Both you and cybrsage, as men, excuse a “few hundred years of sexism” which I say reveals the “covert” woman-hating basis and inherent nature of father g-d religions.

      Moshe: More rubbish. No one is excusing anything. There is no hatred of women in Judaism. G-d is non-gender because He is non corporeal. The idea of Gender represents the relationship between G-d and His people. It goes along with a giver and receiver. In this case G-d is the giver and the Jewish people are the vessel that receives His blessings. That is the whole idea of male and female.

      Astra: Justify it any you want; it is woman-hatred, just like circumcision and veils.

      Moshe: Again with your flighty ideas! Female circumcision (removal of the clitoris to eliminate sexual pleasure) and veils are Muslim inventions.

      Astra: And a g-d which imposes menstrual taboos is a woman-hating g-d.

      Moshe: I don’t think so, but if you think it should be socially acceptable for woman to show their bloody maxi-pads to everybody, try to sell it and see how far you get.

      Astra: And a g-d who opposes women reading His own books is a woman-hating g-d.

      Moshe: That presumption is false.

      Astra: Read Right Use of Will series by CeAnne DeRohan.

      Moshe: Thank you for the reading suggestion.

      Astra: As for fewer rules for women to follow; they have a smaller realm of existence to regulate.

      Moshe: Please specify.

      Astra: Father g-d religions are all about control of women and destruction of Goddess worship.

      Moshe: If there was such a thing I suppose it could be set up as such. You are very bitter about the fact that people don’t worship you. You’ll have to get over it.

      Astra: I believe women should homeschool and then run the world in politics.

      Moshe: Finally you just made some sense. I agree. 🙂

    • moshesharon

      You mentioned this before and I have to ask: What in Sam Hill is a “rebirthing breathwork puberty ritual???”

  46. astraeagoddessofjustice

    Women shave or circumcise because men won’t marry women who don’t and survival in many countries is impossible without being married.

    • moshesharon

      I have no idea what you are trying to say, although it baffles me to understand why commenting on this particular blog site is so important to you. If a man tells a woman “I won’t marry you unless you shave your head” she has a choice to make, doesn’t she? The circumcision of young woman in Dalfour and other Muslim countries is a different issue. That is a form of cultural abuse of women. There is no comparison of this to Judaism in any sense. You need to start developing appropriate distinctions instead of creating stereo-types.

    • moshesharon

      Horrifying, yes; but it has nothing to do with Judaism

  47. astraeagoddessofjustice

    “Reconstructionist Rabbi Rebecca Alpert (Reform Judaism, Winter 1991) comments:

    The experience of praying with Siddur Nashim … transformed my relationship with God. For the first time, I understood what it meant to be made in God’s image. To think of God as a woman like myself, to see Her as both powerful and nurturing, to see Her imaged with a woman’s body, with womb, with breasts – this was an experience of ultimate significance. Was this the relationship that men have had with God for all these millennia? How wonderful to gain access to those feelings and perceptions.”


    • moshesharon

      Rebecca Alpert demonstrates that she knows nothing of gender as applies to how we refer to G-d. It has absolutely nothing to do with female organs. It has to do with always giving as G-d’s role in relation to us and always receiving as our role in relation to G-d. The male pronoun is merely a matter of reference. G-d cannot be reduced to a physical form. Moreover, Ms. Alpert also demonstrates that she has no understanding of G-d’s image, which has nothing to do with physical form. Any physicality associated with describing Divine things like the “hand of G-d” for example, is metaphoric, which is utilized to describe Divine intervention.

  48. cybrsage

    Wow…I always heard reconstructionists were an odd bunch…

    It is true, G-d is neither male nor female. G-d made US male and female so we could make baby humans. G-d does not make baby gods…

    We use the male pronouns because that is how the language works…and due to G-d’s position of authority. It would be insulting to say “it” when referring to G-d, so we needed to choose either he or she…and he was chosen due to the authority of G-d..

    • moshesharon

      The truth is that G-d assigned Himself the male gender to reflect that He is always giving and the Jewish people and the rest of mankind are always receiving.

    • moshesharon

      There is nothing wrong with it, but it’s not reality according to Torah. However you are free to make up what ever strikes your fancy

  49. cybrsage

    Assigned as in “uses the male terms to describe himself” or assigned as in “has male sexual organs”? Not being a jerk, just trying to understand.

    • moshesharon

      Using the male gender pronoun “He” when referring to G-d has nothing to do with physical attributes because there are none. All humanoid references are metaphoric. So “He” means the giver of life and all things, since we are always on the receiving end we as the Jewish Nation are the female in this relationship. But pull-ease do no equate this with actual intercourse as that would be rather stupid. Once again, the male reference is a metaphor.

      • cybrsage

        That is what I have always believed, I just wanted to make sure. Not everything I thought, growing up, was correct…and this would have been a big one. 🙂 I always felt G-d was “He” in a relationship sense, with Israel as His bride, the Israelites as His and her children, etc.

      • moshesharon

        Now you have it, except for making a distinction between Israel and the Israelites as being the children of a Father and Mother. That’s a 360 degree turn which brings back where you started. Israel is the collective of the Israelites; i.e. they are one and the same.

  50. What if Thought creates Reality? “In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.” John 1:1. Words, thoughts, and emotions create reality.

    • moshesharon

      Your thoughts create the reality in which you live. G-d’s Speech creates all things real.

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